Conjuring: Video of model possessed by ghost on talk show disturbs everyone equally (VIDEO)

In a viral video that received millions of views overnight, a “pretty,” who said she is constantly possessed by one Thai ghost, was overtaken by the evil spirit on cue during an interview at a talk show.

Thirteen minutes into the interview, Thippawan “Pui” Chaphupuang, a promotional model, had entertained the audience with her ghost story when she said the “pop” — a type of Thai ghost with endless hunger — came back to possess her.

Here’s the translation of their ridiculous dialogue.

Ghost: “Why did you bring me here? Don’t mess with me!”

Host: “What do you want from her?”

Ghost: “I’m hungry. I wanna eat her. Her body is beautiful. I want to eat it. I want blood!”

Host: “So go eat pig blood.”

Ghost: “She never brought any pig blood!”

Host: “If she does,will you leave her alone?”

Ghost: “Yeah, okay.”

Host: “But you must leave her, okay?”

Ghost: “No.”

Host: “Huh?”

What this model seems to lack is a good back story and an acting lesson.

After Pui struggled with her lines, she started play-screaming and squirming to the point that it’s disturbing to watch. The host then made everything worse by putting a necklace with a Buddha image on the girl.

Host: “Why can’t you leave her?”

Ghost: “Someone sent me here!”

Host: “Who?

Ghost: “I can’t say!”

And how all of this happened to her? Pui said it started when she went on a vacation in Rayong a year ago and a pop possessed her in the bathroom. Simple.

The video was widely shared and discussed on social media, where most people agree she was just acting.

“I was like this too when I was a drug addict. I got better when I decided to get treatment,” a top comment said.

“What is she lacking in life? A month later this pop will definitely be filming herself selling whitening cream on Facebook,” another comment said.

“If I was the host, I’d bring animal’s blood and intestines in front of her. See if she’d eat it,” a netizen wrote, making an excellent point.

Like what you see? Here’s our lesson on types of Thai ghosts with beautiful illustrations.


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