Clip of farangs fighting in Pattaya McDonald’s goes viral for no reason at all (VIDEO)

In this perfect one-minute clip, we see so many examples of what not to do as a farang in Thailand over the New Year: eat at McDonald’s instead of sampling local cuisine, be loud, fight, curse and scare Thai people.

We’re not sure what these guys’ New Year’s resolutions were, but we have some prime ideas about issues they could work on in 2017.

They seem to be doing a bit more sparring than actual fighting in this clip, posted on New Year’s Day by Youtube user Yumyum Tamtoom. In the video, several other farangs stand around watching the two guys taunt each other but not breaking the dudes up.

Finally, a motosai guy escorts one guy out of the MickeyD’s restaurant because, apparently, he’s the only one there with any sense.


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