Mainland tourists in Phuket get their Chinese buns handed to them in viral video by Chinese auntie (VIDEO)

Ragging on Chinese tourists on social media for their rude behavior is old news when it’s done by Thais. Heck, some Chinese tourists have even boycotted travel to the country for this reason.

However, in a recent viral video posted to Facebook and shared on Shanghaiist and Weibo, Bin Bin Ji, a Beijing auntie, is enjoying her 15 minutes of fame after posting an unbelievable takedown of Chinese tourists who break laws and don’t show respect.

Bin filmed the video on Lovers Beach in Phuket and the subject of her rant is a Jiangsu woman who wants to take home some wood from the beach — despite it being illegal to remove anything from the protected area. When she is told by tour guides that she can’t take the wood, she gets haughty and aggressive, boasting about all the countries she’s visited and allegedly claiming that she will take whatever she likes.

Bin stepped in and told the guides to let her take what she wants before turning her attention to the woman. She says that she told the woman about her behavior, “Fuck, and you wonder why people hate us this much? Why are you such an asshole?”

She ups the ante again when she sarcastically claims that no one on the planet is as wonderful as this woman. Then she offers to throw some Chinese tourists into the Thai sea and let sharks eat them as a reminder to behave.

She says that people should follow the rules of the country they are visiting and not just say, “Back in China, we can do this.”

She makes the points that, if the rules were not in place, Chinese tourists would have emptied the beach of every pebble within a year to take things home to put in their aquariums.

Auntie ranted on about an incident the day before where a Chinese boy stole a drink from her tour group and his mom condoned his bad behavior by simply saying she’d replace the drink instead of punishing him for stealing. She noted that kids that are raised like that become adults that think they are entitled to take whatever they like. “What do we want such a person for?” she asks.

But, no worries, auntie has a solution for naughty kids too. “I’ll just throw your kid into the sea! You’re just fucking shameless, seriously.”

She ends her diatribe by saying, “Why do we see more and more of such Chinese people around? It’s a fucking shame.”

On Facebook alone, her video has been viewed 1.5 million times and subtitled in both Thai and English.

The woman, now a hero to Chinese and Thai people alike, has created her own Facebook page where she plans to share more thoughts and, hopefully, more epic, swear-enhanced rants.


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