Chatuchak Fish Market reels customers in with tank babes

If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. Therefore, if you put a woman in a fish tank, a man will buy it.

A fish shop at Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market is attracting attention not with colorful bettas or gobies, but by hiring models to squat inside its aquariums in their underwear. 

While Bangkok was stranded by rising floodwaters last night, some were distracted by a clip filmed at the ArowanaMall fish store showing a pair of bikini-clad women kneeling inside two fishtanks. In it, they alternately shimmy or look very bored as large fish circulate uncertainly nearby.

“The fish here are really beautiful,” read the caption to a video uploaded by Ratchatapan Chiaochan.

According to ArowanaMall’s website, it sells farmed dragonfish in Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, Australia, and Thailand.

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