In change of heart, Asoke Cat returns to social media

Well, that didn’t last long.

After going dark on social media for one day, Asoke Cat is back after his human companion changed her mind about shutting down his media empire.

Nutch Prasopsin, the woman who took Asoke Cat from Asoke and maintained a popular photo feed of her celeb kitties, re-opened her fan page and Instagram today, lifting the national spirits with a handsome picture of AC.

One day after shutting off her popular flow of cute kitty pics due to criticism about how she treats the animals, Nutch said she realized it’s more important to help animals in need using her cats’ celebrity status.

“After I closed my page yesterday, a stranger called me and said her cat had leukemia and needed a blood donation,” Nutch wrote. “I decided to take my cats Asoke and Suea Krong to donate blood. While I waited, I realize even in the darkest moments of life, hope can be lifted if someone steps in and offers to give. Asoke can still do good for other animals. This helps me overcome the darkness yesterday. Thanks Asoke for teaching me.”

Her “Kingdom Of Tigers” page has over 587,000 followers and has been helping raise funds for animal shelters and helping facilitate cat blood donations.

She had abruptly closed the page yesterday in response to criticism that she was exploiting the animal’s popularity without regard to their well-being.

“I want the page to be the community of cat lovers,” Nutch wrote. “I always speak in events that what I do is very little compared to the animal activists out there, but I know I’m good at publicity and raising money, and this is how I want to help.”

Here is the latest photo of Asoke and his roommate Suea Krong released this morning:




Curtain falls on Asoke Cat as adopter pulls plug on social media after criticism

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