#Censorship: Channel 3 blurs out Miss World host’s on-point cleavage

During the Friday broadcast of international pageant contest Miss World 2016, Channel 3 decided to uphold Thai morals and protect citizens from the plunging neckline of one of the hosts by blurring out her distracting, perky cleavage.

The final round of Miss World was held in Washington D.C. on Dec 16, where Puerto Rican Stephanie Del Valle was crowned the fairest in the land while Thailand’s Jinnita “Dai” Buddee made it into the top 20.

Channel 3 broadcast the entire contest from the U.S. but pageant fans noticed something strange about the chest of Megan Young, one of the hosts — it was blurred during the broadcast!

Many netizens criticized the overly sensitive decision of the channel. Pravit Rojanaphruk, a journalist who has been subjected to the Junta’s “attitude adjustment” policy, questioned the decision on his Facebook page: “Why broadcast beauty pageants when there’s such censorship?”

Censorship standards in Thailand have always been questionable. Dragonball’s cartoon nipples and some cleavage is blurred out. But, somehow, the rape scenes in soap operas are acceptable for entertainment purposes.



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