Bus conductor returns 1 million baht cash to doctor, gets candy as reward

Sumon Matidul (R), a conductor of Bus No. 511, was rewarded with two bags of candy for returning THB1.12 million cash to a doctor (L). Photo: Kapook
Sumon Matidul (R), a conductor of Bus No. 511, was rewarded with two bags of candy for returning THB1.12 million cash to a doctor (L). Photo: Kapook

In a feel-good Monday story, a noble bus conductor yesterday returned a forgotten backpack containing over 1 million baht in cash (more than USD29,000) to a passenger, who rewarded her for her honesty with — two bags of candy.

Sumon Matidul, 50, the conductor of Bus No. 511, which runs on the Bangkok outskirts, took the backpack filled with THB1.12 million in cash to the Samut Prakarn police, saying a male passenger had left it on a seat.

Sumon told police she remembered the passenger well — a 30-something man in glasses, who got on the bus at Bangna Intersection and left at Big C at Puchao Saming Phrai.

Later that day, the forgetful passenger, only identified as a 33-year-old gynecologist, traveled to the police station to claim ownership of the backpack.

The man said he had been living and working in Chonburi, a province two hours away from Bangkok, but is in the process of transferring to Bangna Hospital 5 in Samut Prakarn, in the capital’s outskirts.

That morning, he withdrew 1 million baht in cash at the bank he’d been using and took a bus to the area near his new apartment in order to deposit the money at a bank closer to his new home, Daily News reported.

Bro, have you ever heard of bank transfers or cashier’s checks?

After realizing he forgot the backpack full of cash on the bus, he went to the bus terminal to look for it and was directed to the police station.

As a reward, the doctor gave the conductor two bags of candy. It was not reported what type of candy it was.

Some netizens mocked the gynecologist for being stingy, pointing out not only the lack of a cash reward, but the fact that he didn’t even seem willing to pay the bank fee to transfer the money between accounts.

Others said that maybe it was the bus conductor who didn’t want anything in return, and maybe we would all be better off just doing good without expecting any rewards.

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