Brit kills Thai scavenger with Mercedes in Phuket

The aftermath of the Mercedes-Benz C250 — Photo: Facebook/ News Hawk Phuket

A Phuket man was killed instantly yesterday after being struck by a Mercedes driven by a British national as he crossed the street.

According to police speaking to Thai outlet Workpoint, witnesses at a PTT gas station saw a black Mercedes-Benz C250 driven by British national Paul Mercer, 33, slam into the local scavenger at about 5am, dragging his body for about 40 meters on Thepkrasattri road.

The victim, who has not been identified, was pushing his garbage cart across the street at the time. The man was regularly spotted collecting scrap metals in the area.

Mercer also received injuries from the crash and was sent to Bangkok Hospital Phuket before police arrived.

According to Workpoint, Mercer has been interrogated, though no charges have been filed. Authorities are currently collecting evidence and attempting to track down the victim’s name and any relatives.

The victim’s body was taken to Thalang Hospital by Phuket Charity Foundation.

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