Chaos at CentralWorld as man with knife releases snakes

A man holds a knife after releasing snakes Wednesday evening outside the CentralWorld shopping mall in Bangkok. Images: Barbiie.g / Twitter

A chaotic scene involving a man, at least two snakes and possible self-harm was playing out in front of the CentralWorld shopping mall early this evening.

An unidentified man whose vehicle had red license plates – indicating that the car was recently purchased – was seen loosing several snakes into the street at around 6:30pm before cutting himself with a knife – causing much distress among witnesses.

Update: Freeing cobras at CentralWorld was man’s latest mall outburst (Video)

Just after 7pm, Lumphini police said they had just taken a suspect into custody for questioning and otherwise had no idea what was going on.

Images shared from the scene showed a man in a yellow polo shirt holding aloft at least one snake to a crowd of puzzled passers-by as he waves a knife. At one point he appeared to be prostrate himself in full Thai graab position in front of a car with portraits of His Majesty the King laid out on top.

Some purported witnesses said he then went on to cut himself with the knife.

Political theater? Mental break? We’ll let you know when we find out.


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