Booze ban: Health officials claim radical new limits to alcohol sale, consumption

More than a thousand suspected cases of Ebola, word is spreading of news to panic the kingdom ‒ if it proves true.

Thailand is set to radically limit consumption of alcohol and enter it’s own age of near-Prohibition, if government health officials in Chiang Mai are to be believed.

According Chiang Mai City News, members of the media and hospitality industry in that city were told of “immediate enforcement” of a raft of incredible limitations on sale and consumption of alcohol at a meeting they were summoned to by the provincial health office.

“This law was put into effect due to the rapidly growing costs of alcohol to this nation,” 2nd Lt. Taweesak Jintajiranan said. “Alcohol-related accidents have increased significantly in recent years. While the government makes 70 billion baht income per year from alcohol tax, the cost to the government is upwards of 150 billion baht.”

Taweesak went on to hand out a list of laws enumerate a list of rules including the following:


  • Advertisements must consist of a health warning, a photo of people engaged in morally upright activities such as meditation, with a small corner reserved for a brand’s logo. (See below).
  • ‘Beer girls’ are banned
  • No promotions such as happy hours, free mixers
  • No drinking after midnight in bars, restaurants.
  • No logos on glasses, ashtrays, staff T-shirts or other items.
  • No sales to anyone under 20.

Feeling thirsty? This was provided as an example of an “acceptable” advertisement.

Authorities are reporting relying on a number of mostly ignored clauses in the Alcohol Control Act of 2008 to impose these rules, and a thick book of rules was distributed at the meeting in Chiang Mai.

For more of the difficult-to-believe details, check out the report at Chiang Mai City News.

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