Bangkok daytime truck ban, higher speed limit proposed

Image: George Hodan
Image: George Hodan

Large trucks would only be able to drive through metro Bangkok between midnight and 4am while highway speed limits would be raised to 120kph under new proposals to reduce traffic congestion.

Limiting truck access and raising speed limits were among stop-gap measures put forward by newly installed Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob and publicized today by the government. A plan to reduce all commuter rail fares to a flat THB15 (US$.50) were said to be on hold pending further study.

Next Stop: 15B flat fares, says new Thai transpo chief

Highway speed limits will be raised from 90kph to 120kph, which the Transport Ministry noted with a shrug is just about how fast everyone is driving already, anyway. Saksayam said he’s not worried about a higher speed limit causing more accidents, for he said most wrecks occur on two-lane roads.

Trucks are currently allowed to travel through metro Bangkok between 10am and 3pm. Saksayam said officials would seek truck driver “cooperation,” which usually signifies a law many are expected to ignore.

He said relevant agencies have been given one month to study the proposed changes before they are put forward for final approval.

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