Bangkok announces traffic plan as cops admit cars at 5 times capacity of city roads

Bangkok police have announced a five-point traffic plan as they admitted that the number of cars in the capital were five times the capacity that city roads could handle.

The Metropolitan Police Bureau said the plan, due to be launched tomorrow, should ease traffic by 60 percent in the next three months, reported Thai PBS.

The five measures are: 

– strict reinforcement of traffic laws, with illegally parked cars to be towed and their drivers fined

– no double-parking by buses at bus stops, with 46 bus stops initially targeted

– traffic rearrangement for 11 routes in the capital

– stationing traffic cops at expressways to clamp down on gridlock and arrest drivers causing traffic snarl-ups

– posting the details of police superintendents, who will be responsible for solving traffic problems, so that motorists can contact them to report issues or make complaints

Traffic police said the average driving speed in the city has dropped to 18kph as car schemes and policies have added an extra 300,000 cars to the capital without new roads being built to accommodate them.

Thailand has the second highest road fatality rate in the world, with an estimated 24,237 deaths from road traffic in 2012, equating to a 36.2 road death rate per 100,000 population, according to a report by the World Health Organization earlier this year.

Photo: Reuters

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