Backpackers swim in flood water on Khao San because, how often do they get to do that?

A group of foreigners “swim” in the middle of a flooded Khao San Road  in 2016. Photo: @Dickyman96
A group of foreigners “swim” in the middle of a flooded Khao San Road in 2016. Photo: @Dickyman96

Swimming in dirty flood water in the middle of one of Bangkok’s dirtiest streets has got to be one of the most unique experiences tourists can have in Thailand. However, this lucky group got the golden ticket the other day when it flooded outside of their favorite bar on Khao San Road.

So, what did they do? They stripped off their elephant-print pants and Chang tank tops and hopped right into the stinky water because, who cares about the infectious diseases you can get from nasty flood water?

This photo of a group of young foreigners lying in the middle of flooded Khao San Road Tuesday night went viral on Twitter this week. And why not? They look like they are having the time of their life.

We’re not sure what kind of music filled the street, but we guess it was long tracks about being young, not caring about tomorrow and feeling awesome.

Twitter user @Dickyman96 (yup) also posted a few videos of foreigners dancing and jumping in the flood water because, what’s the difference between that and dancing in the rain? It’s just as romantic and awesome, isn’t it?


@Dickyman96, who is Thai, tweeted the clips with a series of hashtags such as “Farangs are funny” and “Whatever makes them happy.”

We couldn’t agree more. Dickyman has spoken.

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