Baby Blues: Adorable, blue-eyed Thai baby captures netizens’ hearts (PHOTOS)

Photo: Facebook/ Wanida Pilachai
Photo: Facebook/ Wanida Pilachai

An adorable Thai boy has captivated the hearts — as well the skepticism — of netizens with his, allegedly, completely natural sky-blue eyes.

The baby blues went viral this weekend after manicurist Wanida Pilachai posted photos of the boy, whom she said is a client’s son, on the Facebook group “HerKid, a community for those obsessed with kids” on Friday night.

Photo: Facebook/ Wanida Pilachai

While many understandably went bananas for the boy’s baby blues, many met the post with skepticism — questioning whether perhaps they had come courtesy of contact lenses. (Editor: Which would be an exceedingly messed up thing to do to a baby.)

Among the initial skeptics was Chulalongkorn University Science lecturer and social media influencer, Jessada Denduangboripant — who took it upon himself to conduct a brief investigation. He even took the time to find out that the mysterious boy has a baby brother who has brown eyes.  

But good news, true believers. His research ended yesterday afternoon when he declared, via his Facebook page, that he believes the boys’ eyes are, in fact, naturally blue.

Photo: Sanook

In a lengthy and info-packed Facebook post, he explained that blue color eyes do occur naturally in Asians, contrary to popular misconception, due to several causes including a gene mutation called OCA2 and a rare genetic disorder called the Waardenburg syndrome, which affects about 1 in 400,000 people.

Whatever the cause, there’s no denying it’s a striking — and very cute — look.


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