Artist protests tourism video for misrepresenting Thai literary characters

A former artist from the National Theater has called on the country to cease broadcasting a tourism music video that features “Thotsakan,” a giant from classical Thai literature. She claims that the producers inappropriately represented the character.

Culturalist Ladda Tangsupachai filed a complaint with the Bundipatanasilpa Institute of the Fine Arts Department accusing the recent music video, featuring a group of Thai artists in costumes, of displaying Thotsakan conducting “inappropriate activities” such as driving go-karts and taking selfies.

The reason is that Thotsakan is king of the giants and supposed to be “elegant and intimidating.” He is also major character in the classic Thai story “Ramakien.”

It seems that Ladda might have forgotten that Thotsakan has done far worse things than take a selfie — such as kidnapping the woman he loves in the classic story.

The tourism video was produced by a group of Thai artists who claim they didn’t receive any sponsorship for it. The visually stunning video shows Thotsakan and his fellow giants traveling across Thailand doing fun activities.

“So culture has be put on the pedestal? You can’t touch or adapt it for the benefits of the country? I was threatened with a lawsuit for destroying the nation’s culture,” the director of the video, Bandit Thongdee, posted on Facebook in response.

The video’s aim is to encourage Thai people to vacation in their own country, Nine Entertain reported.


Artists travel around Thailand in Khon costumes to urge Thais to vacation in their own country (VIDEO)


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