All the cool kids are worshiping haunted dolls now

A new superstition-fueled trend has emerged in the kingdom with locals seen cradling, feeding and dressing up their haunted dolls in the belief they will bring wealth and blessing.

Watch our video ‘Inside Bangkok’s House of Haunted Dolls’



Look Thep dolls, translated to “Child God,” are the updated version of the old kuman thong, the fetal fetishes containing the soul of a child traditionally worshiped, but without going to the trouble of obtaining a dead fetus. Instead, Look Thep are soul-optional: They simply invite a child’s spirit to possess a factory-manufactured doll.

DJ Bookkoh Thannatchayapan from 94 FM went public with “Wansai,” his Look Thep on television recently, claiming the doll has brought him success in the entertainment industry.

“The first day I got him, I took him out shopping for clothes in the baby section,” Bookko said on the Weeknight Update show. “Right after I paid for his clothes, I got a call that my canceled job was back on!”

Bookko asked Wansai for a bigger job, promising he’d buy the doll a gold necklace, and just like that, Bookko got a call to audition for a great movie role. Now Wansai is sporting mad bling.

“I feel like Wansai really exists,” Bookko said. “I love him as my child.”

We investigated the internets and found an online shop selling Look Thep. The prices range from THB2,000 to as high as THB15,900, obviously depending on the quality of dolls.

Here are more photos of Look Thep from a woman who calls herself Mama Ning, who founded an online Look Thep club.

Read our feature “In the House of Haunted Dolls, a creator bares her heart,” where Mama Ning gave us a tour of her home and introduced us to her haunted dolls.

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