Actually, the cocaine in Boss Red Bull’s blood was regular old cocaine: medical pros

File photo of Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya in 2012. Photo: Vorayuth Yoovidhya / Facebook
File photo of Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya in 2012. Photo: Vorayuth Yoovidhya / Facebook

Call it blow, call it yayo, or call it Charlie Sheen’s #TigerBlood, but please don’t pretend it’s not cocaine. That was the message from medical officials today dismissing police testimony that the cocaine found in Red Bull heir Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya’s blood eight years ago was anything other than cocaine.

Dental Council vice president Thongchai Vachirarojpisan today said dentists have not used cocaine clinically for over a century and instead administer Lidocaine. His obvious-to-anyone response came one day after the police made the risible claim that the cocaine detected in Vorayuth’s blood after his fatal hit and run had been administered as part of a dental treatment.

Weerachai Phutdhawong, a chemistry professor at Kasetsart University, said the cocaethylene detected in Vorayuth’s blood – created when cocaine and alcohol mix and found readily around Thonglor on any Friday night – had nothing to do with the drug used in dental treatment, and would never by identified as cocaine in a blood test.

It was the latest incredible – in the traditional sense of the word – twist in the long-running case of justice evaded and came one day after a key witness died on a Chiang Mai road days before he was to testify.

The police on Thursday told the committee they didn’t charge Vorayuth with any narcotics-related charges because a dentist had told them the cocaine was the medical kind, not the fun kind. Thongchai said the council had met with police after the presence of cocaethylene was left out of the police report, but officers insisted it was for medical use.

For years, the failure to bring Vorayuth to justice for the 2012 death of Snr. Sgt. Maj. Wichian Klanprasert has fueled resentment toward the perceived impunity enjoyed by the wealthy and powerful. 

After it came out last week that the final criminal charge against Vorayuth had been quietly dropped in June, the resulting fury has placed high pressure on prosecutors, police, and top government officials to reconsider the case’s outcome and look for a way to reopen it. So far no action has been announced.

On Thursday, one of two witnesses scheduled to testify next week, 40-year-old Jaruchat Mardthong, died in a motorcycle crash in Chiang Mai province. Jaruchat is believed to have previously testified that it was Sgt. Wichian who cut in front of Vorayuth’s Ferrari with his motorcycle and caused the 2012 accident.

Vorayuth had been a fugitive from justice for eight years, first refusing to answer orders to appear and eventually fleeing the country after charges were filed. There are no doubts that he was behind the wheel – Vorayuth admitted as much to police. Jaruchat and the other witness said he was driving at upward of 60kph when he struck Wichian’s motorcycle. Vorayuth did not stop and dragged the officer’s body under his car for a considerable distance.

In 2012, charges of drunk driving, speeding, failure to stop his car to help the victim, and reckless driving causing property damage and death were filed against Vorayuth. Over the years, those charges were either dropped or expired, while the last charge was dropped despite having seven years left on the clock.


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