Able: Disabled stray cat turns internet celebrity

Imagine losing half your legs. Okay maybe that would only be one, but how would you feel?

Able the Cat knows and seems to be doing just fine despite living without his two front legs.

Using his strong back legs, the chubby tabby climbs up and down the stairs with ease. He effortlessly hops onto the couch for a pet and plays with his delicious toy mouse. Don’t call him disabled – Able’s doin’ just fine. He can do anything just like other cats, which being a cat, means mostly eating, sleeping and playing.


“My name is Able. A homeless cat who survived electrocution, losing front paws and tail. Now I have a lovely family,” his human companion helped him write on Facebook.

When we first saw Able, we were immediately won by his personality and admirable spirit. His rescuer chose to remain anonymous, but we’re glad she chose to feed the kitty-hungry internet with his fanpage only two weeks ago. Able’s new to the social network, but his obvious star power stands out from all the other fat cats online.

“The first time I saw Able, I felt such energy and inspiration to live my life,” Able’s keeper revealed to Coconuts. “He’s a very strong cat, indeed.”

Two years ago Able was a stray on the loose in the Lat Prao area. Attempt to catch a delicious bird, he fell off a rooftop and onto an electric transformer. As his body hang from the cables, he was severely electrocuted and almost died.

Locals came to rescue him. His condition was worrying, and his two front legs were nothing but charred meat. A hairdresser who operated a salon nearby took him to the vet, but with limited resources, Able went untreated. He only had his wound cleaned and bandaged.

As his condition got worse, the heroic hairdresser raised money from other locals and took him for another vet visit. This time the vet had to cut his front legs off. His burnt bottom also had to go. This explains why in many of his early photos, he was photographed in a shameful diaper.

“I first saw Able when I came back to my condo, and first I offered to pay for his vet visits, but the hairdresser told me there was nothing else they can do. She also couldn’t take care of him, and Able just had to live like a stray and ran away from speeding cars.” she said.

Soon after, she knew she had to act.

“One night, it was raining, and I walked out of my condo to check on him. I saw him reluctantly dragging himself outside the roof to pee. That’s when I decided to take him in,” she revealed.

Able’s savior says with as his accident fades in memory, Able seems happier and stronger than ever.

“He is a nice kitty, although he’s a bit whiny,” she said. “He likes to play with children and will stare into your eyes to get what he wants.”

She added Able has become her support and inspiration. And now his amazing story and photos are lighting up the internet – or at least the newsfeeds of his 15,000 fans.

You too can follow Able Maew on Facebook.

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