1.2 tons of dead dog found in tanning factory

Like dogs? Imagine something horrifying and then multiply it by awful.

A mountain of dead dogs was discovered in an illegal dog-leather tanning factory today in the northeastern province of Sakon Nakhon in a raid by police and an animal rights organization.

Inside Watchdog Thailand and police found 88 dead dogs about to be sliced into strips. Some of them had their mouths covered to prevent them from barking as they were slaughtered. Authorities also found 35 large bags of dog meat and 95 strips of dog leather.

The dead dogs and dissected meat weighed upward of 1,170 kilograms.

Factory workers fled as police approached, and only four people were arrested including owner Somboon Tongkup and his wife, Chamnien Dangleela, along with two other people identified as Thawatchai Pilata and Tongsai Pilata.

The dead dogs were bought from the infamous dogmeat trucks, a type of mobile slaughterhouse where the driver captures stray dogs and kills them before offering the corpses to factories.

The trucks patrol through residential areas where the driver traditionally offers a plastic bucket to a local for every dog handed in.

The four suspects will be questioned as more details will be revealed to the public, according to Watchdog Thailand.

You can stop reading now unless you want to see the graphic horror. You’ve been warned.

Really they’re bad. Okay …


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