U.S. reality TV follows broke old American that can’t afford to marry young Thai girlfriend

Screenshots from Youtube teaser.
Screenshots from Youtube teaser.

An older American man and a young Thai woman are the subjects of an American reality TV show episode that aired last Sunday night in the U.S.

The teasers for the episode of TLC’s “90 Day Fiancé” show David Toborowsky, 48, and Chanoknat “Annie” Suwan, 24, as they attempt to prepare for their engagement in Thailand.

The biggest problem is that David doesn’t seem able to afford to marry his “teerak,” or darling.

Toborowsky is divorced and homeless, he stays with friends when in the U.S., as will Annie when they move there. In the episode, he struggles to come up with a decent dowry, instead offering just a paltry THB50,000 (US$1,527 )

He also can’t afford the lucky amount of gold he is supposed to present his bride, which would be made into a ring, necklace, and earrings and cost THB222,631 (US$6,800). She seems to agree to take less gold but gives him a browbeating after they leave the shop and says that her parents may not accept the lesser amount.

The man apparently lost his home in his divorce, his job for unknown reasons, and also suffered a stroke. He visited Thailand for the first time last year looking for a new romantic partner. He met Annie, a singer in a bar, and they got engaged after 10 days.

They do end up wedding on the show after much drama over finances, the groom’s creepy friends that want Annie to massage them and cook Thai food, and Toborowsky’s drinking.

They’ve made headlines on reality TV blogs in the States, with commenters weighing in on the episode’s racist overtones, the older man/younger foreign woman dynamic, the Asian wife angle, and ideas about couples and finances.

Though Annie expressed unsure feelings in the episode, hopefully they can work out their issues. After all, if you can’t fall in love with a broke, foreign stranger in 10 days, who can you fall in love with?

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One thought on “U.S. reality TV follows broke old American that can’t afford to marry young Thai girlfriend

  1. Nothing about love here regarding the lady. When the Thais say LOVE it means money. They always mix the feelings with money but the bad part is that in this mix money plays the major role and there are just traces of real love. Everything is like a commercial exchange – she pretend to love him in exchange what he can offer to her family – more money the bigger her love for him is. Thais should be thought about what love means ………… by Thai meaning thousands of tourists buy love at Nana , Patpong ,Soi Cowboy and Pattaya daily…. more they pay, more the Thai ladies love them.

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