Tourists are all over this new ‘Bubble Igloo’ hotel in Thailand’s Khao Yai National Park

<i>Photo: Casa de Montana at Khao Yai / FB</i>
Photo: Casa de Montana at Khao Yai / FB

No need to fly to Bali just to chillax at the famed Bubble Hotel (which we tried, and found insanely hot and rather disappointing) — we’ve got our own plastic see-through walls from which to insulate ourselves from the great outdoors!

Thailand has now gotten in on the trendy lodging option, and it’s only a few hours drive away from our capital city: Dubbed the “Bubble Igloo,” the single transparent pod popped up inside Khao Yai National Park earlier this year in March.

A stay in the plastic “igloo” costs THB2,500 (US$81) per night for two people, which includes breakfast. 

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Now, let’s take a look inside. Unlike the bubble hotel in Bali, which features a sad, lonely mattress and an outdoor toilet, the Khao Yai igloo contains a nice canopy bed with curtains, an armchair, a 49-inch TV, full bathroom with shower and even a coffeemaker and an indoor jacuzzi.

Photo: Aguide / FB
Photo: Aguide / FB

The bubble igloo has received mostly positive feedback from the people who have stayed there, and it’s proving pretty popular, too — the place is already booked throughout the remainder of the year. 

“With a glance from outside, it’s unbelievable that there are lots of things inside, plus a bathroom. When I’m inside the igloo, I feel like I’m living in a crystal ball or something like that,” wrote travel blogger Aguide. “There’s also an air pump that runs 24 hours so we don’t have to worry about deflation.”

Photo: Minimint’s Mission / FB
Photo: Minimint’s Mission / FB

“At night, it’s soooo romantic,” another blogger Minimint’s Mission writes. “This holiday, let’s lie down in bed and watch the stars in the middle of mountains.”

However, the hip destination is not totally perfect. Some people complained about the short duration of the stay, due to the property’s late check-in and early check-out rules: Check-in at 4pm, and check-out at 10am. 

Photo: @missmermaidxtravelblog / IG
Photo: @missmermaidxtravelblog / IG

All in all, the Bubble Igloo seems like a solid option for an easy weekend getaway — it’s something a bit different, and actually pretty good value for the money given the semi-luxurious accommodations and excellent location.

Bubble Igloo is at Casa de Montana at Khao Yai
168 Village No.3 Ban Thamaprang Village, Thanarat road, Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand
Opens 8am – 9pm daily
Phone: +6688 353 2929

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