Thai actor apologizes after asking fans online if they want to get raped

Photos: Sanook

A well-known Thai actor, most famous for his recurring role as a rapist in a well-rated TV show, got the worst kind of press for an extremely distasteful joke about rape he made on social media.

Pharunyoo “Tac” Rojanawuttitham, 32, of the TV series La (Thai for “hunt”) about a divorced woman and her daughter who are horrifically gang-raped and hunt down their attackers to take revenge, reported The Nation.

The actor posted a picture of himself and a bunch of other handsome actors sitting in a courtroom in prison jumpsuits with the cation, “We have been arrested for rape. If you like, you can choose one of us to rape you.”

After being ripped apart online, the actor removed the post and replaced it with what seems like a heartfelt apology. He said he didn’t intend to make light of sex crimes and even thinks that rapists should be get the death sentence. The Nation adds that he has, in fact, previously spoken out against rape and in favor of increasing the charges levied against rapist.

One female psychiatrist had spoken especially strongly against the actor’s post. She wrote: “The rape victims in the series feel worse than if they were in hell. That’s why they start hunting down the culprits. You can’t treat rapes lightly. A rape hurts a woman much more than killing her.”

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