Superstar ‘Janie’ mum on graphic pics and domestic violence rumors

A lakorn actress remains silent days after photos spread which seem to show she was beaten severely.

The photos of a battered female frame widely believed to be Janie Asavahame spread across social networks over the weekend along with rumors the top lakorn performer may have been beaten by the husband she married less than one year ago.

The photos, which show a black eye and huge bruises on a woman who resembles the 32-year-old superstar fueled rumors that they’re linked to her separation from politician and businessman Chonsawat Asavahame, 45.

In the photos, the woman uses a distinctive cell phone cover identical to one featured before in Janie’s images.

Janie has disappeared from public and made no comment, but is said to be preparing to leave Thailand for a month-long trip to the United States.

Janie and Chonsawat married abruptly in August of last year, which created waves of controversy as Chonsawat was believed happily married to another woman up until that point. Investigators even summoned Janie to answer questions about the relationship, as Chonsawat’s father is a fugitive hiding from justice.

With the press hungry for answers, her close actress friends Nana Rybina and Paula Buttery discussed their friend’s personal life.

Nana appeared on Morning News today saying she’d seen the photos and felt sorry for her friend. Nana said she last saw Janie two days ago, but they did not discuss her marriage, claiming Janie has felt better since the “incident,” without going into detail.

Meanwhile, Paula Buttery suggested that what’s in the photos might be makeup from a lakorn episode.

“I’ve seen the photos, and I think they belong to Janie,” Paula told Khaosod, “I’m not sure if it’s real or it’s just special-effects makeup. She could have dressed up as a ghost in a lakorn or something. But if this is real, I’ll be worried. I want Janie to talk to the press on her own. I can’t do that for her.”

If the bruises are fake, someone should win an award as they are the most realistic wounds ever seen in Thai telelvision drama.


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