Still wondering what to do this Songkran? Celebrate Thingyan in Myanmar with a splash!


Have you stepped outside lately? The temperature has increased from oppressive to scorching in a matter of daysBut the heats not getting us downQuite the contrary, it means summer is just around the cornerWith time off work, perfect pool weather and empty Bangkok streets, its tempting to be lazy and stick around townBut if youre feeling adventurous and want to experience Songkran in a whole new way, we have an idea

Songkran is one of the best times of year to travel to MyanmarThats because Thingyan, or Burmese New Year, takes place on Apr1316 which is when the weather gets so hot it feels like the leaves will melt right off the treesIts the biggest festival in the entire country and people from every town, village and region will be celebrating. (Sound familiar?Like Songkran, the celebration revolves around pouring water and of course laughter and smiles wherever you are.

Thingyan is celebrated throughout the country, even rivalling the intense revelry of Thailands Songkran, so be preparedWherever you go be sure to your waterproof camera with youActually, waterproofing every single one of your gadgets as you enter the celebratory wet zones is probably a good idea

During Thingyan in Myanmar you will find bamboo stages, called Mandats, set up on almost every street corner, complete with DJs spinning local pop songs and international hits to boost the energy up

Locals and tourists alike are equipped with colorful water guns, big hoses and buckets of water to splash everybody within reachThe splashing symbolizes washing away of sins and bad spirits and starting the new year fresh, clean and with positive energy.

If youre still not sure where to experience Thingyan, try Kandawgyi Pet in YangonHere youre guaranteed to experience this crazy festival to the fullestThe epicenter of splashmania has many stages filling the area with music, roads full of smiling people and tons of food standsIts a fun festival atmosphere and an experience youll never forget.

Once youve splashed everyone to your hearts content, sample some surprisingly delicious local street foodDuring Thingyan there will be even more local Burmese delicacies for sale around the streets of YangonTry the Burmese version of pancakes, mont linmayar a creamy snack made of rice, or a bite of mont lone ye baw, a glutinous rice dumpling stuffed with palm sugarWith your tummy filled, your clothes drenched (dont worry ‘cuz in this heat they dry fast!) and your water gun unloaded of ammo, youre good to go!

Dont end your Thingyan trip to Myanmar without visiting the countrys beautiful pagodasAfter all, you want to start the New Year with good, positive energy, right? This time of year, the iconic Shwedagon is packed with people praying and wishing for good fortune in the upcoming yearIts a perfect way to end your in days in YangonDont get too comfortable being dry though, the next day is another chance to get soaked with water and immerse yourselves in the happy vibes of the festivalAnd besides the Shwedagon, there are many others pagodas worth a visit, like Mutao Pagoda, Botataung Pagoda, and Shwezigon Pagoda, for starters.

So fill up your tanks and water guns, get out there, get wet and have some funWith discovering the Thingyan festival and exploring the unique and beautiful culture of Myanmar has never been easierFlymya is Myanmars number one trusted travel portal where you can easily book domestic flights, tour packages, and even car rentalAll youll need is your waterproof gear, and youre all set for an experience of a lifetime!

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