Shoot for the stars with one fine day at Central Embassy


We all know the feeling of being caught in a bleak routine, day in and day out, of endless monotony. Luckily for you, we know how to snap out of it, and we’ll let you in on the secret. We prescribe you just one fine day at Central Embassy, where luxury has been redefined and joie de vivre is celebrated.

When falling into the tedium of everyday life, the only real way to re-inspire oneself is to remind yourself of the joys, pleasures, and comforts of life: a delicious meal, an indulgent dessert, compelling art, exciting shopping, or happily settling in for a movie in a luxurious setting…to name a few. It’s an #INFINITEYOU at Central Embassy.

At Central Embassy, the world is your oyster, for the person who’s looking for a quick,  delectable meal, and to the person who’s looking to plan out a full day packed with delightful pastimes, and for everyone in between, there’s no shortage of ventures to choose from.

You may choose to start your one fine day at Open House, the extensive co-living space where you can work, eat artisanal dishes, browse through your favorite books, and even visit a playground. Open House is a unique multi-purpose space that answers many different needs, and all of it looks out onto a spectacular city view of Bangkok.

Central Embassy redefines the luxury as the everyday as well as the extraordinary. There is Eathai, where you can dine like a true Thai, no matter where you are from. Other notable restaurants include SIWILAI Café, where you can enjoy a lavish breakfast and SIWILAI CITY CLUB, where sunsets are made even more delightful with a crisp, cool drink, while you lay back and lounge on this breezy rooftop. The top floor, additionally, features a wide variety of cuisines to choose from, including Bangkok’s favorite Neapolitan-style pizza restaurant Peppina and world-famous dumpling house Din Tai Fung.

Once you’ve filled your belly, it’s time to feast your eyes on the beautiful arts that Central Embassy offers. There are constant festivals of the arts rolling through Bangkok, and the most interesting ones make their stops in Central Embassy. There’s no way that one could feel static in a place so filled with life and exuberance. Check out the ‘Experience’ tab on their website to find out more.

It’s called retail therapy for a reason. After satisfying your cravings for food and art, indulge and treat-yourself with some shopping. One standout among the high-end stores is SIWILAI Store, which is a one-stop shop with such beautiful interior design that you might just spend half your time in their marveling at the harmony and intricacy of the space itself. On top of that, the store is filled with the newest goodies from Thailand as well as all over the world.

In order to ensure a totally smooth experience for you, Central Embassy provides resources and services such as places to charge your phone, concierges to find taxis or shuttles for you, Wifi, and even a premier lounge.

We dare ask, how much more lively can one day get? Make sure to check out all the different kinds of activities you can engage in on their website and Facebook page, and visit Central Embassy in the hip downtown neighborhood of Chidlom.

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