Q&A with Wichai Paipa of Bangkok’s first robot-themed marijuana shop


This week, we chatted up a team member of RoLoft, Bangkok’s first (and from what we’ve been able to find, only) robot-themed marijuana shop. A coffee shop-turned-marijuana shop, the venue stands out from its competition thanks to its nap room, smoking room, as well as a gaming area where customers can chill and play on a PlayStation. During our virtual chat, the RoLoft team gave us a bit more insight into their menus, which feature baked goods as well as custom cannabis cocktails, and their own personal recommendations for both newbies and experienced users.

Coconuts: Hi! Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Wichai Paipa. I’ve been building systems and selling products within the cannabis industry for more than five years. I was already employed at RoLoft when it used to be a coffee shop, and have stayed on as a front-end system administrator since its transition to becoming a marijuana shop.

We have to start with the obvious: why a robot-themed marijuana shop? And on that note, can you talk more about what led you guys to open a marijuana shop? Has this been in the works for a long time, or was it a sudden burst of inspiration?

This shop has always been a center for engineering enthusiasts who are interested in coming up with various inventions. RoLoft started as a coffee shop at Kasetsart Intersection where people could chill, and later [after the legalization of marijuana] transformed into a full-service marijuana shop.

For customers who might not have visited RoLoft (yet!), can you give a quick overview of your current menu, as well as hints on any new items that you might have in the pipeline?

We have top-grade marijuana from around the world, as well as edibles including food and beverages. We also offer full services (e.g. joint rolling) for all of our customers. For edibles, we’d recommend our brownies and cookies, as well as our signature drink Parata Tea, which is Thai tea with a special recipe.

We also serve non-CBD items, and so customers who don’t want to use cannabis can opt for bestsellers like our chocolate cake or blue cheesecake.

Was it difficult to come up with menu items like the cakes? Do you work with a chef for products like that?

Our pastry chef, [who was] formally trained at Le Cordon Bleu and has experience baking edibles, brought his knowledge to the menu to create and calculate the suitable percentage of THC for our edibles menu. He also used his experience to come up with the best dessert recipes across our edibles and non-edibles selections.

What are your personal favorite items on the menu right now?

Definitely the Cookie OG. It’s a US-based brand, and we like that the terpene in it gives it a lemon note that has a relaxing effect.

There’s a lot of competition right now in Thailand in terms of dispensaries. Why should weed-seekers visit RoLoft over any other weed shop/cafe in Bangkok? Please explain to us what you think makes RoLoft special, whether it’s the products, staff, vibe, robot-theme, etc. 

Cumulatively, our team has more than 10 years’ worth of experience in the cannabis industry, having studied these items from both a user and supplier point of view. We understand our customers and their wants more than other places that might not have as much expertise.

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