Once again, luxury designers manage to remind Thais of their stuff

This isn’t the first time that designers working for pricy high-end brands have been inspired by cheap Thai stuff. As always, Thailand’s netizens are deeply amused by this photo of a banana leaf clutch. It looks like what Thais wrap old-fashioned sweets or a plate of Pad Thai in.

This photo of a model sporting the designer banana leaf clutch on a runway was picked up by local media last night as people jumped into the conversation to compare the pricy bag to the Thai packaging of desserts we commonly see at markets. Spokedark TV identified that the bag was last year’s collection of Hermes… You know, the brand that it-girls would pay a million baht for its leather bag.

Locals use banana leaf as a container of various desserts such as Khao Niew Sangkaya (egg custard and sticky rice) and Khao Tom Mad (banana and sticky rice). The list goes on.

Photo: Pinterest/ Spokedark TV

Meanwhile, let’s take a look back at the time luxury designers were inspired by the cheap stuff we commonly see in Thailand. One honourable mention here is the Balenciaga bag, which was introduced in March and looked exactly like a cheap canvas bag Chatuchak retailers use to store their goods.


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