New Movies: Haunted places in Bangkok, Facebook stalker, and dirty cops

NATCHA ON FILM — Out of the three horror films coming out this week, “Bangkok 13,” based on thirteen spooky locations in Bangkok, is the one to watch. “Triple 9” looks promising in the trailer but I’m pretty sure “Friend Request,” a horror movie about a psychopath getting their friend request rejected, is going to be bad.

Bangkok 13

This film is one of the three horror films that is released this week and it’s the one to watch.

“Bangkok 13” is about a girl with the ability to sense evil spirits which leads her to investigate the mystery behind 13 haunted places in Bangkok. Teaming up with a TV show that seeks to investigate these mysteries, she travels to the 13 different places to find the answers to the questions she’s had since she was a child. It’s now up to her and the TV production team to discover the secrets behind these 13 places and reveal them for all to see.

The film seems somewhat interesting that it’s based on actual locations, including the “100-death curve” on Ratchada Road, which is rumored to have a ghost on its curve that kills someone off in a car accident each year to be its replacement, so its spirit will be set free.

However, if people are inspired by the movie and actually visit those “haunted” places, they may be disappointed.


Jane Got A Gun

The film features two familiar faces that Star Wars fans will recognize — Natalie Portman and Ewan McGregor.

“Jane Got A Gun” centers around Jane Hammond, who tries to build a new life with her husband Bill after he’s been tortured by the notorious Bishop Boys outlaw gang. But her family comes under the gang’s radar again after Bill returns home wounded. With the Bishop Boys following their tail, Jane has no other choice but to turn to her former fiance Dan Frost to help protect her family. As old memories resurface, her past meets the present in the battle for survival.

Personally, the only reason I want to watch the film is because Natalie Portman is in it.


Ride Along 2

The first “Ride Along” must have been pretty insignificant because I honestly don’t remember what it was even about.

“Ride Along 2” apparently takes place a year after Ben, a humble security guard, has proved himself to his girlfriend’s brother James, who’s a cop, that he’s worthy by going on a mission with him. This time they’ve made plans for a quick trip to Miami. With a wedding coming up, James carelessly takes Ben with him to follow up on a lead that is connected to a drugs case. They meet Maya, a homicide detective who doesn’t mess around, along with AJ, a shady, overconfident hacker who reveals evidence that points to the wealthy local businessman Antonio Pope. It’s then up to Ben and James to convince the authorities that Pope is their guy that they’ve been looking for or else they won’t be able to make it back on time for the wedding.

The trailer reminds me of Fast and Furious, but a cheap comedy version.


Triple 9

The film looks like it has a pretty decent cast with the likes of Woody Harrelson, Aaron Paul, Casey Affleck, and Anthony Mackie.

“Triple 9” is about a crew of dirty cops that is being blackmailed by the Russian mob to execute a heist that is virtually impossible. They find that the only way they can pull this off is by performing a 999, police code for “officer down.” But their plans turns upside down when an unsuspecting rookie makes a mistake, triggering a breakneck action film filled with double-crosses, greed and revenge.

Overall, it looks pretty good.


Friend Request

I personally don’t understand why people enjoy these thriller/horror movies that revolve around social media.

“Friend Request,” as the name suggests, is about the main character, Laura, receiving a friend request from a mysterious person on her Facebook account. Having no idea who the person was, she declines the request with little hesitation. Little does she know that this simple rejection will lead to her fighting a demonic presence that wants to isolate her by killing off all her close friends.

The film’s plot just seems outright crazy but I guess there are crazy people out there who feel insulted when their friend request gets declined.



You’d think by the name of the film it would have something to do with Israel and Palestine but no, it’s just another horror movie.

“Jeruzalem” starts off with two American girls who are thrilled about going on vacation to Jerusalem. It begins as a normal vacation filled with sightseeing and partying, but soon something goes terribly wrong. A biblical nightmare falls upon the city, causing everything to fall apart, and leaving the couple stranded in the city.

It’s obvious that the film takes inspiration from “This Is The End,” a comedy version of what this film tries to be, and turns it into a crappy horror movie.


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