Netflix teases dead bodies and intrigue in ‘Bangkok Breaking’

Image: Hasse Froom
Image: Hasse Froom

A year after teen supernatural drama The Stranded’s debut as Netflix’ first original Thai series, the streaming giant today announced a Bangkok thriller is on the way from two critically acclaimed industry figures. 

Dubbed Bangkok Breaking, the second original Thai series is a “fast-paced” and “gripping” action thriller that chronicles Wanchai, a new arrival in the capital who joins the kind of road rescue service famous for collecting bodies and cleaning up carnage. 

Over its six episodes, the man, Wanchai, must unravel a city-wide conspiracy with the help of a young journalist. It will debut next year and air in nearly 200 countries. No specific date was given.

Shepherding the series is director Kongkiat Komesiri (Slice, Muay Thai Fighter, Khunpan). The showrunner is well-known author Prabda Yoon (Last Life in the Universe, Invisible Waves), who also serves as executive producer.

Bangkok Breaking is a series that serves all tastes, with action, excitement, drama and romance, appealing to a wide audience across Asia and, I hope, internationally,” Kongkiat said. “I’ve amassed over 20 years of experience in film making, collecting every technique for this moment, and today I have the opportunity to show that Thai content has what it takes to capture the interest of audiences around the world. I promise to give my absolute best to delight our audience.”

 Prabda Yoon, at left, and Kongkiat Komesiri
Prabda Yoon, at left, and Kongkiat Komesiri


Netflix’s first original Thai series gets November premiere

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