ICONSIAM Bangkok Countdown 2020: Celebrate New Year’s in Thailand here!

It’s without a doubt the most wonderful time of the year in Bangkok — not too hot, not too cold, and perfect for spending a beautiful night out underneath cheerful festive lights, indulging in superb food, singing your heart out to live music performances and, of course, witnessing one of the most magnificent firework shows in town at ICONSIAM’s “Amazing Thailand Countdown 2020.”

If you’re in love with the idea of an epic countdown but not quite sure where in Bangkok will match your degree of enthusiasm, take a break from planning your likely-to-fail-by-February New Year’s resolution and check out what’s coming up at ICONSIAM. This is the second countdown ever at this riverside shopping mecca — and it’s definitely going to be bigger, louder, and better than the first.

TL/DR version aka why you need to get down to ICONSIAM this New Year’s :

  • It’s Bangkok’s official countdown destination
  • One of the best places in Thailand to see fireworks
  • Rooftop restaurants with the best view
  • Tons of shopping promotions
  • It’s open until 2 am with free transport

Chill on the river and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of celebration with gorgeous holiday decorations at “Bangkok Illumination” (Nov. 19 – Jan 5, 2020)

This might not be a very good news for The Grinch but if you’re more like Buddy The Elf, be prepared to be thrilled with joy at the sight of glitter and gold as you walk down the breezy River Park at ICONSIAM G Floor. Enjoy the magical sight of the glittering Christmas trees, each decked out in a traditional-yet-modern Thai motif, positioned in a very thoughtful, photogenic angle where you can capture the majestic 22-meter-tall trees, Chao Phraya river and Bangkok skyscrapers in one mic-drop shot.

Keep the holiday vibes going at the 2nd floor ICONSIAM Park where the LED flower field where you can bask in lovely colorful glow. Stoop down to greet the blooming buds and take turns with your friends to take some insta-worthy pics – there’s enough backdrop variety to go around! If you want to get even more unique with your pics, wait for that elusive color change to transform the flowerbed to a whole different mood and tone. Go on, get creative with it!

Gather round and get super excited for the big first impression of 2020 in “Amazing Thailand Countdown 2020” (Dec 31, 2019)

Thank you, next to 2019 — let’s all say it’s been a hell of a ride, but as Marie Condo does to old clothes: if any piece doesn’t spark joy, just hold them in front of you, thank them for the memories and move on to the next. But before thank this roller-coaster year of your life, let’s give 2019 a nice pat on the shoulder and the big goodbye it deserves.

As a new official countdown destination of Bangkok, ICONSIAM takes the ceremony very seriously. Watch out Times Square, move aside Taipei 101, we’re comin’ for ya River Thames. ICONSIAM is pulling out all the stops to really make it to the global league of this only-once-a-year celebration. 

Let go of all your worries and throw yourself into the carefree world of this riverside extravaganza. The River Park area will light up as bright as your long-weekend smile for this “Amazing Thailand Countdown 2020,” where the great outdoor concert will be held by all the most beloved artists the music industry has to offer: Jintara Poonlarp, Two Popetorn, B5, and None Tanont will perform their best songs live onstage.

Don’t hesitate to book your table beforehand with these terrace/rooftop restaurants that offer the most picturesque views: Greyhound Café, Baan Khanitha, Kub Kao Kub Pla, Hong Bao, Tassana Nakorn, Falabella, HOBS, and more, because, believe us, you don’t want to miss the spectacular 1,400-meter-long firework showcase along the Chao Phraya river from 10 am to midnight. 

If as you read this your eco-conscious inner voice starts wondering about the environmental effects this may cause…as you know, the bigger the party, the more the mess you need to clean after. But thanks to the new Japanese innovation of eco-friendly fireworks made from Thai-grown sticky rice, not only will the colorful sparks be more vibrant and last longer, they’ll generate less smoke, leaving less pollution for our beloved city.

Love the game with your friends and family at SuperPark — the newly-launched indoor activity park from Finland on ICONSIAM’s 6th floor

The season is about to get a lot more fun for everyone in the family, now that SuperPark is officially open for people of all ages. Who wouldn’t love to spend an eternity playing the Ninja Track, Skate and Scoot World, Superclimb, Tube Slide, Pedal Car Track, Superpin ball and many more – this writer’s inner child is getting excited already. Bring back your favorite fun moments from childhood while creating new ones with your little ones.

There’s no better time of the year to summon your shopaholic spirit out in the open and get an instant giveaway worth a total value of 1,700,000 Baht! (Nov 1 – Jan 12, 2020)

Ready for a haul that’s fit for Santa’s sleigh? Go on a shopping spree at any of your favorite stores from ICONLUXE: Louis Vuitton, Hermès, MCM, Cartier, Fendi, Gucci, pretty much all the fanciest names you can recall and then some, or hit up more wallet-friendly brands like H&M, COS, Uniqlo, Urban Revivo, and ALAND; they have everything you could want to splurge this season.  Think you’ll just window shop? Beware of those festive front displays, they really do the trick to lure you in and send you out a few thousand baht lighter — but with impeccable style!

For all shoppers:

  • Spend up to 3,000 Baht to get an ICONSIAM tote bag in lustrous golden brown
  • Spend up to 10,000 Baht to get a collectible silk satin scarf 
  • Spend up to 30,000 Baht to get a SIAM Takashimaya voucher worth 1,000 Baht

Special for ICONLUXE:

  • Spend up to 60,000 Baht to get a SIAM gift card worth 3,000 Baht

There are many more discounts from your payment channel in The Celebrations of Glory this year-end, so be sure to keep a lookout!

Get home effortlessly with free transportation throughout the countdown night

If you were still on the fence about it, this is the clincher. We’re big fans of taking public transport, especially at holiday times. But depending on public transportation after midnight can be a huge question mark keeping you from saying yes to this event, and we wouldn’t want that! Thankfully with the free shuttle bus and shuttle boat that ICONSIAM will specially put in service till 2 am, the day is saved. Hurrah!

Upgrade your holiday experience in the ultimate celebration at ICONSIAM — our new favorite countdown destination in town

If you weren’t sure where to spend this precious once-a-year grand occasion, well, we hope this illuminated all the fun and excitement there is at ICONSIAM. We wish you a happy Christmas and New Year in advance — because when the time comes we’ll probably be on our feet exploring every bit of Bangkok’s new countdown destination. Pretty sure to see you there too!


For more details about the event: Amazing Thailand Countdown 2020

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Watch the Amazing Thailand Countdown 2020’s Teaser

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