Here are 13 must-have souvenirs you won’t regret hunting down in Bangkok

Best items to buy when traveling to Bangkok? Hit this on Google, and the results are likely to be either “antique” amulets you find on Khaosan Road, or those comfy-yet-ugly elephant pants that you might just be lounging in right now. 

Of course, we know that you’re trying to be thoughtful, and these are not bad ideas either — especially the pants, we can speak from experience. But if you seek something more creative, consider heading to OneSiam  – Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery. The venues here are one of the few places where you can find all the coolest bits of Bangkok in one place. 


Absolute Siam Store – Siam Center (1st floor)

What: If you’re still thinking that Thai souvenirs have to look like century-old ornaments excavated from archaeological sites, this snazzy multi-label store can put an end to that thought. With its eye-popping mint green floors slashed with light purple furnishing, Absolute Siam Store is a pop art hub for eccentric Thai-traditional inspired lifestyle products and accessories from aspiring local designers.

Items we recommend

  1. Handcrafted Bracelets from Be Sirocco (THB350-2,190)

You don’t want to look like you picked up last-minute gifts before heading back home, do you? These bracelets are thoughtful and cool. The colored beads and stones aren’t just for show either, Be Sirocco, the brand behind them, took inspiration from various cultures and embroidered them to breathe a new life to local crafts. There are several collections on display here, but we can assure that any of these will do the trick.

  1. Griffith Denim Bag from RENIM PROJECT (THB2,490-5,490)

If you recognize the pattern on this vintage denim bag, you are not alone. Yes, it is the very same cement bag you see at construction sites around town, except it is now on this hip and stylish bag. Thanks to the collaboration with SCG, this Bangkok-based quirky label seeks to praise the Thai construction workers who are behind the city’s architectural beauty. The bag is a part of their campaign to raise awareness for zero-waste and sustainability. 


The Selected – Siam Center (1st floor)

What: Bangkok’s hip crowd knows best when it comes to cool gifts, and it’s almost undeniable that most of them can be found here at this multi-brand space. Just like the name suggests, The Selected at Siam Center has curated over 100 emerging Thai brands. The space doesn’t focus on fashion alone, you can find locally-made skincare products here as well. 

Items we recommend: 

  1. Portable Tumbler Bottle from Greyhound x Suntur Collection (THB1,200)

There are several artist collaborations featured at The Selected, but our pick this year is definitely going to be the tumbler bottle. The bottle is a part of the collaboration between two of the trendiest names in Thailand: Greyhound x Suntur. The former is one of the most trustworthy streetwear while the latter is Thai illustrator whose previous work Picnic with Suntur already exhibited in Hong Kong’s Times Square Mall. Putting the design aside, carrying a reusable bottle shows that you do concern about the environment. 

  1. Tropical fruit-patterned skirt from SUE (THB2,570)

There are more than a few reasons why this skirt should be included your next beach getaway outfit. With its vivid color and stunning illustrations, SUE has always been known for how they breathe a new life to the ordinary items you can find in your life.


Lush – Siam Center (G. floor)

What: This fresh cosmetics brand has been promoting non-animal-tested bathroom goodies for years. Here, they offer eco-friendly products, ranging from shower jellies, facial masks, and of course, their iconic colorful bath bombs. 

5.Bath Bomb (THB425)

Rest assured fellow environmentally-conscious friends, all that glitters here at LUSH is gold because it’s actually safe and sound for planet earth. Enchant your bath with one of their amazeball scents like Fly Me to the Moon whose calming olibanum and sweet orange scent can relieve you from all sorts of stress. There are also options like reusable bubble bars that you can use countless times before running out. Try the Magic Wand and swirl it around to unleash a frenzy of pinkish foam. If you’re still unsure, go for the mini bath bomb Golden Wonder that comes with a surprise factor – watch for the hidden color beneath the golden vanilla. 


Jim Thompson – Siam Paragon (M. floor) 

What: This leading Thai silk company has already proved that Thai silk isn’t just for grandmother’s attending fancy galas. Known for its unique patterns and high quality handicrafts, Jim Thompson has incorporated modern and sleek twists to its designs, from everyday apparel and accessory to stunning and unique home decoration. 

Item we recommend:

  1. Printed-Square Scarf (THB3,500-7,500)

As someone said long ago, the New Year requires a new you, so why not add an edge to your daily look. Here, Jim Thompson has interwoven their long history of the craft with cutting-edge technology to create an intricate pattern scarf that adds a refreshing twist to your every outfit.


Thann – Siam Paragon (1st floor)

What: Buying skin products for yourself is hard, and it’s even more difficult to buy them for someone else when you don’t know for sure what their skin can take. Fret not folks. This high-end Thai spa is always known for their locally sourced products which ensure that their products are not only 100% clean, but also friendly to the environment.

Item we recommend:

  1. Aromatherapy Diffuser (THB1,450 for 150ml)

Wish to turn your home into a luxurious spa? Buckle up, because we’ve got a secret: five star hotels actually source diffusers from Thann. Try Aromatic Wood Aroma Diffuser (Spoiler: Marriott uses this one!) whose aromatic wood smoke is designed to lull you into a deep slumber.


Panpuri – Siam Paragon (1st floor)

What: If you catch the spa with the same name, yes, they are selling skincare products they use too. Specializing in organic aromatherapy, this high-end spa sources traditional Thai and Southeast Asian ingredients possible to pamper you to the bones. With Bangkok’s smog growing, you should try adding a touch of aroma to cleanse your mind.  

Item We Recommend:

  1. Ultrasonic Scent Diffuser (THB3,950)

We don’t know about you, but we’ll admit appearance comes first when we buy new things for the home, and this ultrasonic scent diffuser from Panpuri hits all the marks. The diffuser takes inspiration from the ripening lotus bud, which gives off oriental charm and luxurious vibes to your room. You can pick its signature essential oil to match your mood on any day too. 

  1. Panpuri’s Signature Essential Oil (Starting from THB850-3,200)

You can’t just buy their diffuser without buying their oil, can you? Nope! It comes with a nice variety, offering different scents to match your taste. We like Lemongrass & Mandarin Peel, a soothing combination that blends local herbs. If you are more into floral notes, try Jasmine. But if you ask our opinion, our best pick for this is Rose — a no-brainer choice that surely everyone will come to love.


Loft – Siam Discovery (2nd floor)

What: If you’re otakus and gadget freaks, this place packs almost everything you need. Loft at Siam Discovery boasts design-oriented products, home accessories, and Japanese cosmetics (think brands like DHC and Dolly Wink.) There’s a toy-vending machine zone where you can find chibi (small and cute) animated characters like Pikachu and so on. 

Items we recommend: 

  1. Thai Wooden Music Box (THB2,790)

Make your trip more memorable with these wooden music boxes. The designs here took after Thai traditional architecture or its mythical beasts (like the white monkey Hanuman) while the songs attached inside the boxes are actually composed by Khru Montri Traimod the legendary Thai music composer himself.

11. Color-Changeable T-shirt from Abearable (THB790)

This T-shirt is not only adorable for its bear illustrations, but it  comes with a hidden playful feature that allows you to change its color by exposing it to the sunlight! Inspired by their bustling city life, the team behind this color-changing T-shirt Abearable draw their bears with the iconic Tuk-Tuk and famous street food as well. 


Discover Thai – Siam Discovery (4th floor)

What: Forget the old days when you had to trek through crowded streets just to find local gifts in Bangkok. With Discover Thai, it is much easier to find affordable and high-quality products without breaking a sweat. 

Items we recommend:  

12. Magnet Bottle Opener from Caliiico (THB180)

Imagine hosting a New Year’s party without realizing that not one of you have a bottle opener. (We’re speaking from experience!) Grab a few of these adorable fridge magnets, and don’t let that ever happen to you. Trust us, they aren’t just for show either. They’ll pop the top off your Singha beer licket split and who wouldn’t want a memorable brightly colored Thai taxi stuck on their fridge?


Ecotopia – Siam Discovery (4th floor)

What: The fourth floor of Siam Discovery has been taken over by a mecca of eco-friendly products. Ever since it first opened, Ecotopia never stopped surprising us with its sustainable fashion, organic green produce, and low chemical cosmetics. The space also features products from sustainably-minded local designers and other environmentally friendly tech for natural conscious folks. 

Items we recommend:  

  1. Collapsible Cup (THB699)

Gone are the days of plastic glasses. In is the era of the reusable cup, so you better get used to carrying one around. But we have to admit: our handbags are not always spacious enough to put a giant glass inside, do you feel us? That’s where these collapsible cups from Stojo come in. They can reduce in size up to just 5cm, something you can now fit even your skinny jeans (tried and tested).  


All of these gifts and more (oh so much more) can be found at OneSiam this holiday season and beyond. Drop in now for amazing discounts and promotions over the holidays! 

International tourists with tourist card can get a maximum discount at 30% and up to 6% for VAT refund. Register your tourist card now at our Kiosk machines in all three departments or register online here.


More Year-end Highlights by OneSiam


Siam Paragon

To celebrate its 14th anniversary, Siam Paragon is pulling out all the stops with its massive gift card giveaway.

  • GET Siam Gift Card worth 700 THB when spending 20,000 THB!
  • GET Siam Gift Card worth 2,000 THB when spending 50,000 THB!
  • GET Siam Gift Card worth 5,000 THB when spending 100,000 THB! (luxury brands only)

Shoppers can also enjoy great VAT refund as well. For holder of MasterCard and member of Tripadvisor can receive additional privileges as well.

Where to redeem: Siam Paragon, Redemption Counter, M Fl. (Near Valentino).

Check it out here.


Siam Center and Siam Discovery

OneSiam isn’t just going to impress you with its gorgeous Christmas decorations alone. Their promotional discounts during the year-end are more festive than ever.

  • GET THB200 Dining coupon when spending up to B3,500 (limited to 500 prizes, 1 prize per person)
  • GET Siam Gift Card worth 400 THB when spending 15,000 THB (limited 500 pcs, 1 pcs/person)

Starting now to Jan 12, 2020. 

Where to redeem:

  • Redemption Counter G.Fl Siam Center
  • Redemption Counter G. Fl Siam Discovery

Check it out here.


Siam Center only!

Starting from now til Dec 31

  • GET THB2,500 Siam Gift Card when purchasing THB2,000

Where to Redeem: Siam Center, Redemption counter, G Floor (near Estee Lauder)

The gift card only be used at selected brands (JD Sports, UNDER ARMOUR, SEPHORA, CHARLES & KEITH, Absolute Siam Store)

Check it out here.

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