Gossip Girl Thailand’s Humphreys and Lily revealed

Filming of the lakorn adaptation of the popular American series “Gossip Girl” continues,  as does the marketing trickle of information.

Kantana Production yesterday took to Instagram again to reveal more names and faces of who will be in the series, this time announcing the role of Rufus Humphrey, the rocker hipster dad who owns an art gallery in Brooklyn, will be portrayed by none other than Pete Thongchua, the 46-year-old actor and car racer who happens to be the only middle-aged actor in Thailand with a tough, manly look.

In the Thai version, we would guess Rufus’ gallery would be located near Soy Sauce Factory in the boheme-but-gentrifying Yaowarat area.

Another announced was the actor who will play Jenny, Rufus’ youngest daughter and the little sister of Dan Humphrey who aspires to be a fashion designer and hates her middle-class family. No, they didn’t give the name of the new talent taking the role, but that’s her on the right.

Meanwhile, Rufus’ girlfriend from his teen days – the Manhattan socialite now out of his league – Lily Van Der Woodsen will be played by Cindy Burbridge, a 36-year-old Thai-American model and 1996 Miss World.

We don’t want to be negative, but there’s a 90 percent chance this is not gonna go well, just like the original series’ later seasons.

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