GET TO KNOW BANG SUE: The future of this Bangkok neighborhood is much more than just a transportation hub


It doesn’t take a genius to realize something is definitely up in Bang Sue — there’s a cluster of construction tools and heavy-unit machinery… oh, and a mega-sized train station that’s due to be unveiled in 2021 (fingers crossed it does not get additional delays).

Looking on the bright side, Bang Sue’s Grand Station, as it will be officially named, is set to be the biggest public transportation station in ASEAN. Once it opens for public use, it will even replace Bangkok’s iconic Hua Lamphong station.

What to expect besides the station

Surrounded by construction sites left, right, and center, Bang Sue is synonymous with the production of cement. As a matter of fact, this area used to be home to Thailand’s oldest cement plant — one which dated all the way to the reign of King Rama VI. Hence, this is how Bang Sue’s sister train station Tao Poon got its name.

In only a few years time, Bang Sue will be the new up-and-coming neighborhood, not only in terms of transportation but as a residential community. How so? Bang Sue will have sub-districts so residents can make the most out of living in this hyped-up hybrid area.

There will be 4 clearly divided zones. Zone A: Smart business complex; Zone B: ASEAN commercial and business hub; Zone C: Smart, healthy, and vibrant town; Zone D: World-renowned garden interchange plaza — all of which present a promising vision of Bang Sue.

Watch the video below or click here to watch.

Bang for the buck

All these new construction projects and property developments in the area beg the question, “Is Bang Sue worth investing in right now?” It’s definitely something worth considering and DDproperty have all the know-how to help you figure it out. Their database of completed and future properties will surely help guide you to the right answer.

Fun fact: With all the attention focused on transportation hubs and housing, we might have forgotten that Bang Sue is where three of Bangkok’s frequently visited parks intersect: Chatuchak Park, Suan Rot Fai Park, and Queen Sirikit Park. So, go green guys!

Not only that, a project is already on the way to connect these three parks altogether. Expect Bang Sue to not only be a hub of trains and tracks, but a more harmonious eco-living community that may put Bangkok on the same level as futuristic cities in Japan and France.

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