Face off: 12 Thais and their transformations in first season of Korean surgery show (PHOTOS)

Beauty isn’t everything, but these 12 people know what it’s like to be judged and rejected because of their looks.

In the first season of “Let Me In Thailand”, the Thai edition of the popular South Korean surgery show, 12 Thais were flown to South Korea where they went under the surgeon’s knife for a life-changing makeover. The season concluded on Saturday.

Let’s take a look at their transformations and why they chose to appear on the show.

1. Wongtawan “Lin” Panuprateep

Lin believed she failed to find work and scared employers away because of the way she looked. She couldn’t even find a cleaning job. The young woman now hopes to land a decent job to give her family a better life.

Read Lin’s story here.

2. Thanyawan “Praew” Wongkuna

Despite having the figure of a model, Praew said she had always been insecure about her crooked face. Praew said she once modeled jeans with a friend, however the photographer took snaps of her friend’s face but refused to include Praew’s face in the photos.

3. Waleerat “Eff” Komanaket

Surgery means more than just beauty to Eff, who suffered from a cleft lip and palate. Her condition made it difficult to speak and was always an obstacle in her bids to gain employment.

4. Thanwarat “Jane” Maksathit

Jane was teased by her friends for having a face as long as a “moai figure.” Jane revealed that  even a professor in university put her photo up on the projector to mock her during the study of the ancient figures, which she secretly cried about it.

5. Apisara “Kwang” Pholbhumirak

Despite having a sweet, cute boyfriend, Kwang had to listen to people saying she doesn’t deserve him. She said she was often called a “kateoy” because of her masculine features.

6. Thikanporn “Nae” Pongsuwan

Nae was a singer who failed to get any attention because of her appearance. But after the surgery, she finally landed a contract with country music label.

7. Woritha “Mint” Saetiew

Mint said she had the “face of a crescent moon”, and sometimes people would call her a “witch”, which made her hide behind her friends when she went outside.

8. Jessada “Jess” Kaenpae

The only man on the show, Jess had a protruding chin which caused difficulty when eating.

9. Patcharaporn “Toktak” Saiyawongsa

Toktak said she felt more confident when hiding her face in a face mask. Because of her crooked jaw, she had problems chewing her food, and as a result, she always ended up eating alone.  

10. Udomporn “Som” Assawakawinwong

Som hopes her new look will land her a decent job and fulfill her dreams of providing for her parents.

11. Nisakorn “Ni” Suebniam

Ni suffered from several seizures when she was younger, during which she contracted her jaw muscles, causing her face to become crooked. Ni dreams of becoming an air hostess.

12. Sukanya “Bird” Preutthakorn

Bird said she wanted to know “what it’s like to have a normal face”.

Photos: Let Me In Thailand


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