Chris Hemsworth is in Bangkok filming a movie, and he’s already (apparently) sick of the traffic (VIDEO)

Photo/ Facebook: Major Cineplex Group

What do Bangkokians and a Norse god (sort of) have in common?

A shared hatred for our horrible, horrible traffic.  

Chris Hemsworth, the Australian actor (and, frankly, famous eye-candy), known for his role as Thor within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has arrived in Thailand to film his upcoming Netflix thriller, Dhaka — and apparently, he’s already kindling feelings of wrath for Bangkok’s notorious traffic.

In a video posted by Major Cineplex Group — the largest operator of movie theaters in Thailand — on its company Facebook page earlier today, an exaggeratedly stressed Hemsworth, donning a grey tank top and army colored shorts, is asked about his take on the city’s traffic.

“Shut up! I hate traffic,” he replies, joking in exaggerated frustration.

At least, we’re pretty sure he’s joking…

Then again, with the state of Bangkok’s traffic, we wouldn’t blame him if he weren’t.

Though specifics on when Hemsworth arrived in the city are unclear, Indian Express reports that he wrapped up filming the Indian leg of the production last Thursday.

The remaining scenes that need to be filmed for Dhaka will take place in Bangkok and Phuket until February.

Apart from the traffic, however, Hemsworth seems to be enjoying his time in Thailand — if his recent Instagram story is any indication.

Yesterday, he delightedly posted a video of a Bangkok Santa chilling on a boat after, according to him, “Rudolph pulled a hammy [hamstring].”

Screenshot: Instagram/ Chris Hemsworth
Screenshot: Instagram/ Chris Hemsworth
Screenshot: Instagram/ Chris Hemsworth
Screenshot: Instagram/ Chris Hemsworth

Later that day, he posted another video of himself enjoying a good ol’ plate of Pad Thai with some colleagues.  

Screenshot: Instagram/ Chris Hemsworth
Screenshot: Instagram/ Chris Hemsworth

“We’re here in Thailand, straight into a Pad Thai. Bloody delicious … it’s all I’m going to eat. Delish man!” he says, proving that actors are just like us — in that they aren’t above abbreviating their adjectives, that is.

On behalf of Thailand, Coconuts would like to extend a very warm welcome to Hemsworth and his crew to our fair country.

Feel free to stay … you know, forever.



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