Chinese rage breaks out into brawl on flight out of Thailand (VIDEO)

Score another victory for citizen journalism., a sort of racist love child of YouTube and WikiLeaks, is the first brave news outlet to publish shocking footage of a mid-air brawl on a flight departing Thailand.

This is the stuff you don’t hear about in the establishment’s New York Times, and any microblog references on Weibo are sure to be harmonized.

Without the totally accurate subtitles, we would have thought the fight started over which guy’s girlfriend looked hotter cosplaying as a Thai uni student. But the exchange brings to light at a much greater truth about the growing rifts in Chinese society: a festering debate over cultural icons.

Syver Lauritzsen, the man-with-the-cam who made these revelations possible, had this to say:

“So I was flying home to Beijing from Bangkok with Thai Airways when these guys started fighting on the plane. I quickly whipped out my iPhone and started shooting. Having lived in Beijing for a whole six months, I used my Chinese skills to add accurate subtitles, unlike the Google translated crap that usually gets posted with these videos.”

For your uncompromising commitment to the truth, we salute you, sir. Even if that doesn’t look anything like Thai Airways.

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  1. Hey,this sort of things happen with all kind of people,you all gotta stop generalizing,you don't what the hell you talking about,I lived in china since 1996,this sort of behaviour in unacceptable for any,race or class of people,So you mean if I post a video with some african americans fighting,we going to say,oh see thats why I don't like african American,Don't be Stupid and educate yourselves,These incidence occur primarily from absolute ignorance and selfishness,if we on this planet continue like that,we are done. learn to clam things and care,People have become out of control because seems like all others wanna do is stand back and laugh about things that can escalate into something serious and deadly.

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