Cast of Thai ‘Gossip Girl’ revealed

Wakey, Wakey, Bangkokians. Gossip girl is here.

The Thai remake of Gossip Girl revealed last night the faces of Queen B. and her bestie Serena will be two reality show celebs.

Carissa Springett will play the role of Blair Waldorf as portrayed by Leighton Meester in the original with Sabina Meisinger imitating the perfect Serena van der Woodsen as made famous by Blake Lively.

Kantana Motion Pictures, who won the rights from Warners Bros. to remake a Thai version of the series revealed the leading cast members via Instagram posts by company Vice President Piyarat Kaljaruek.

Carissa Springett (left) Sabina Meisinger (right)

The two are former contestants from The Face Thailand, the reality modeling contest which aired on Channel 3 last year. Sabina won the contest.

Although the male leads haven’t been officially announced, it is strongly rumored the role of legendary Chuck Bass will be played by Chanon Akkarachata while Jarusak Weerakul will play the Lonely Dan Humphrey, according to the “American Series” fan group online.

Chanon Akkarachata (left) Jarusak Weerakul (right)

The filming of Gossip Girl started yesterday at the Swissôtel Nai Lert Park on Wireless Road. The series will air on family-friendly Channel 3.

While this is a lakorn based on Gossip Girl, it is just an adaptation, meaning Blair and Serena are probably not in high school and are just 20-something socialites who take Instagram photos for a day job and associate with the Lamborghini Taxi set for scandals.

We can’t imagine saying the name Serena van der Woodsen repeatedly in a Thai conversation either. Hopefully, Kantana stopped watching American Gossip Girl at Season 4 when things started to get nasty.

If you never made it to the end, scroll down for the big spoiler. Wonder who was Gossip Girl?

It was Dan Humphrey.


Kantana to remake Thai version of ‘Gossip Girl’

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