Busy In Bangkok: 6 tips to revamp your work-life balance

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Photo: Pixelbay

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Are you happy? Like Scandinavian happy? According to 2016 World Happiness Report, compiled by the United Nations, four out of five Scandinavian countries topped the ranking — those smiley faces belong to Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Finland. Again, in 2018, the same countries topped the list, with Finland leading the pack.

In case you were wondering where the Land of Smiles ranked, in 2016, Thailand was 33rd, and in the most recent edition, Thailand took a big dip, falling to 46th place. Ouch — but on the bright side, we’re the third Southeast Asian country in terms of happiness.

So how do we aspire to be like those happy-go-lucky Scandinavians? There’s a good chance that work-life balance is a major factor.

Bangkok was notoriously ranked 5th in the world’s longest work week. Denmark, on the other hand has one of the shortest average work weeks at just 33 hours. Now, it’s time to ask ourselves, is it possible that we haven’t properly struck a balance between work and life? Certainly! But never fear, Coconuts is here to walk you through a few steps to help you find that harmony.

  1. Set the right goals.

    Sure, the term ‘work-life balance’ has been tossed around more than a game of hot potato in the past decade but it doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. It sounds like a universal concept, but it isn’t. Your set of responsibilities isn’t the same as the next person. Identifying what responsibilities you have at work and at home will help balance the two sides.

    If you need it, make a mental (or physical) list of all tasks that you have to do, and what you have to do to complete them — that way you’ll know what the issues are and finding solutions for them. It’s a good habit to ease anxiety about the future.
  2. Pick your battles.

    Have you ever heard your dad say this when he loses an argument to your mom, while trying to teach you a lesson? Sometimes you’ll know when you should endure a long, hard day so that you can have an easy day ahead. Maybe you’ll be able to get off work early to, let’s say, go to the gym, or more realistically, binge on a season of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (those reviews don’t lie).
  3. Call it ‘work-life priority’ if you want.

    The world’s richest man and CEO of Amazon is not a fan of the word ‘work-life balance’ because it sounds like a compromise to him; alternatively, he calls it ‘work-life harmony’. Potayto, potahto. Whatever you call it, it’s all about prioritizing. Rearrange your objectives based on how important they are to you, your work, and life outside of work. Doing this will give you a better sense of control, and a bigger picture perspective.
  4. Know when to say no, nicely though.

    Ever had those days when you’re barely staying afloat with your own work? And to put icing on that crumbling cake, your co-worker is asking for help, and your office needs volunteers pronto. Can you say ‘no’? It might feel impossible, but you can. Treat it like an emergency oxygen mask on an airplane and save yourself before saving others. Understand that your work will need to meet a deadline, and if completed, you can then decide to exchange your personal time in order to help others.

    Hey, if Meghan Trainor can say ‘no’ 85 times in one song, so can you.
  5. On the other hand, ask for help when you really need it.

    Given that you’ve accrued positive credit by helping your colleagues (when you can manage it), you can ask for a bit of help in return too. It’s the basic law of karma. Plus, there are always others who possess skills that you don’t, like photoshopping, social media, or creating an email signature (a frequently asked question for office newbies). There’s nothing to be ashamed of, unless you’ve asked one too many times.
  6. Work from home — should your company encourage it.

    Increasingly accepted within organizational cultures, working from home is a rewarding experience because you can kiss that commute goodbye — potentially saving you hours in Bangkok’s notoriously slow traffic and giving you one more reason to work harder and more constructively. However, bear in mind that professional courtesy is required, just as if you were still in your paper-piled cubicle.

Photo: Life Asoke Hype

What if you could take the concept of working from home one step further? Think of a bigger space, private, quiet, and complete with views of lush greenery to boost your concentration and productivity. It’s definitely a step above slouching on your bed to compile a report for your boss.

Photo: Life Asoke Hype
Photo: Life Asoke Hype

Life Asoke Hype doesn’t hold back when it comes to rewriting the rules of ‘work-life balance’, especially when it comes to maximizing the use of co-working spaces. With all this modern day hype about co-working facilities in Bangkok, you barely have to leave home to meet clients, facilitate group conference calls, and close business deals while maintaining a highly professional appearance.

What’s more impressive is that there’s an innovative app to book your spot at the co-working space, helping you plan your days ahead of time.

Photo: Life Asoke Hype
Photo: Life Asoke Hype

To be fair, co-working spaces have become such in-demand commodity especially among Gen-Y white collar workers. They are brave, energetic hustlers for positive reasons — from obtaining extra pocket money to paving way to becoming a serious entrepreneur. The new innovative co-working space is a feat from Life Asoke Hype that understands the mindset of the new working generation. Here’s to the young and high-spirited hustlers out there.

Now that you’ve taken care of the ‘work’ aspect, how about the ‘life’ part? During your downtime after work, head straight to the running garden complete with a 310m track to get your cardio on. It’s surrounded by real trees so it feels like jogging in a park — a feature runners will undoubtedly appreciate.

Photo: Life Asoke Hype
Photo: Life Asoke Hype

To complement your active life, swim in the sky pool that overlooks Bangkok from the 40th floor, adjacent to the stylish gym loaded with cutting-edge equipment to keep you in shape.

Photo: Life Asoke Hype
Photo: Life Asoke Hype

Condo dwellers with busy social lives are free to set up after-dark parties and mingle in the ‘Top of the Hype’ lounge, which can also be booked ahead of time. Socialize away in the spacious lounge that looks over sparkling lights of Bangkok city.

Phoito: Liffe Asoke Hype
Photo: Life Asoke Hype

A key feature to hype should you relocate to downtown Bangkok is the location of Life Asoke Hype. It’s at an amazing spot where the current central business district meets the soon-to-be CBD. With MRT, airport rail link, and the expressway to facilitate travel, the area is primed to be the next big business hub in town, making the commuting life more accessible and convenient — connecting you to what is truly a healthy ‘work-life balance’.

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