Backdoor monk activity to be investigated

Photos of two monks engaged in anal sex which have scorched share buttons throughout the kingdom will be investigated by the Office of National Buddhism.

The naughty and, to some, deeply offensive photos were reportedly tweeted by user “Yellow Lover,” on Tuesday and have gone on to be widely shared across social networks.

“Fucking Luang Phee was so fun,” it read. “If you like it, retweet.”

Based on the account’s series of photos showing muscular monks many different versions of what the user represents as his penis laying on a yellow robe, this user, by all appearances, is a monk who loves loving monks.

Director Noparat Benjawattananan said many people have submitted the photos to the organization, which will investigate whether they are photos of real monks or just cosplayers.

Nopparat encouraged netizens to submit tips to help identify the monks in question to hotline 02-241-6400, Ext. 2.

Nopparat added that “inserting their penises in someone’s anus or mouth” would be considered a disciplinary offense, which basically would lead to their being stripped of their robes.

But maybe that’s how the whole thing started.


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