5 reasons traveling through Switzerland needs to be checked off your bucketlist


Get your snowboots on (what, you don’t own snowboots?!) and get ready to explore the wanderlust-worthy destination that Thailand is falling in love with. It’s part fairy tale, part adventurous utopia and oh-so-easy to navigate. Bring out the chocolate, fondue and watches, because we’re going to Switzerland!

Reason No. 1 – Traveling Switzerland is incredibly easy.

Navigating Switzerland’s beautiful natural attractions is easier than finding a traffic jam in Bangkok. (But you can forget all about those!) The Swiss Travel System offers a unique all-in-one 1st or 2nd class Swiss Travel Pass so you can discover the beauty of the Swiss countryside by train, bus and boat, wherever and whenever you please.

Whether you want to take a scenic train through the mountains or travel from one city to another, the Swiss Travel Pass is an all-in-one pass for unlimited travel in Switzerland.

Simply start your tour from any city and travel at your own pace. Many of the train, bus and ferry routes are “hop on, hop off” so you can be spontaneous. Just make sure to reserve your seat in advance for special scenic trains.

With the Swiss Travel System choosing your routes, planning trips and ordering tickets online is practically effortless. There are even extra freebies included like free public transportation, discounted city tours, free museum entrance, free ferry trips and more. Save your energy for bounding through grassy hills and belting out songs from The Sound of Music, we say.

Postauto at Furka pass with a view to Grimselpassstrasse, Valais, © Schweiz Tourismus, Fotograf: Christof Sonderegger

Reason No. 2 – The scenery is out of this world.

Imagine panoramic views of snow capped mountains, pristine lakes, beautiful villages and never-ending fields. This non-stop entertainment is the highlight of the Swiss Travel Pass.

Winter is a magical wonderland of snow, in spring the air is crisp and cool, summer brings lush greenery and during fall the leaves turn red and gold.

That’s right, unlike what we’re used to in the Land of Unending Heat Smiles, Switzerland has four distinct seasons, each more picturesque than the last. While we have Hot, Hotter, Hottest and Oh No It’s Flooding, the seasons of Switzerland each look and feel very different.

Any time you choose to travel, Switzerland has a stunning backdrop waiting for you and the perfect front row seats are with the Swiss Travel System. By bus, train and boat you can see the most epic sights in a safe and convenient environment.    

Reason No. 3 – Breathtaking adventure is part of the journey.

Travel through Switzerland by train, bus or boat and experience exciting outdoor adventures like boating on Lake Geneva in the summer or snowboarding down the white peaks of the Alps in winter.

The Glacier Express train journey offers a unique experience for the senses – all the way to Zermatt with its famous Matterhorn. On this adventure through the Alps you can trek the Rhine Gorge, aka the “Grand Canyon of Switzerland” on foot, by bike or by rafting boat. Or take day trip to Corvatsch, the eastern Alpine region’s highest altitude summit station. At 3303 meters high, it’s a paradise for skiers and hikers.

Reason No. 4 – Swiss-story lessons abound.

Switzerland has a history that dates back thousands of years, but the country that we know today traces its roots to the medieval ages. (And we’re pretty sure Game of Thrones traces some of its inspiration from Switzerland’s ancient age.) Anyway, traveling the country by train, bus and boat is often the best way to experience the historic side of Switzerland.

On the Gotthard Panorama Express the journey starts at Lugano or Bellinzona, and takes travellers from the Mediterranean south right through the heart of Switzerland, via the Gotthard tunnel built in 1882. En route, the Baroque Church of Wassen can be seen from different angles, thanks to the railway’s famous looped tunnels. 

Traveling on the Bernina Express train is one of the most spectacular ways to cross the Alps and experience the Rhaetian Railway a UNESCO World Heritage site built in the 19th century.

SBB train, Lake Rotsee, Lucerne © Swiss Travel System AG, Fotograf: Peter Pfeifer

Reason No. 5 – Experience Swiss chocolate and cheese like never before.

Is there anything more Swiss, or more delicious, than melty cheese and rich bars of chocolate? We’re talking about the good stuff: real, local, fresh and made with a recipe that’s been around for generations; the kind that warrant their own special excursion by train into the Swiss countryside.

Introducing the Cheese Train and the Chocolate Train, two themed trips by the Swiss Travel System that will change the way you experience these seemingly everyday foods.

Since 2013, the Cheese train has been unlocking the secrets of Switzerland’s most popular dairy product. Every winter, a special coach on the Montreux-Berner Oberland railway sets course for the cheese-a-rific Pays-d’Enhaut in the Lake Geneva region.

On the Chocolate Train, travel the Montreux-Berner Oberland railway in the stately “Belle Époche”-Pullman 1915 vintage coach or a modern panorama coach, because chocolate lovers just gotta travel in first class style!

Are you inspired to immerse yourself in the Swiss countryside? Plan your journey today and enjoy the highlights of Switzerland by train, bus and boat. For more Swiss-spiration check out MySwitzerland.com/rail and facebook.com/MySwitzerland, or for more information about Swiss Travel Passes, please contact:

Diethelm Rail – Tel: 02 160 5200 ext. 202 – 206

GM Tours – Tel: 02 676 1501 ext. 819 or 820

Lostrip – Tel: 02 018 1351

RTS – Tel: 02 661 7157

TV Air Booking – Tel: 02 233 5160 – 63

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