Vendor grills delicious chicken with solar heat from Thai sun for over two decades (VIDEO)

Sila Sutharat has been delighting locals and travelers alike with his healthy and delicious roadside grilled chicken for over two decades. His secret? Cooking with sunlight.

At his roadside restaurant in downtown Petchaburi, Sila, 60, has created a panel of 1,0000 small mirrors that he positions to reflect sunlight to his grilling area. He proudly says that he invented this cooking technique, reported Bangkok Post.

The 3×5 mirrors can make his cooking area as hot as 312 degrees Celsius and he claims he can cook a 1.2 kilogram chicken in a bit more than 10 minutes.

His community is so proud of him that local university Phetchaburi Rajabhat has even given the vendor an honorary science degree

Peak times for picking up some freshly solar-cooked chicken are between 7-10am and 2-5pm.


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