Zinc 101’s new nine layer burger comes stabbed with a syringe of au jus

Photo: Zinc 101
Photo: Zinc 101

Zinc 101 has just introduced a new burger that could be among Bangkok’s most indulgent and interesting.

It features two pork patties, a double order of bacon, three kinds of cheese, a layer of crispy tender pork belly, and onions caramelized in Fireball whisky. The finishing touch on this towering bad boy? The whole thing is served stabbed with a syringe of pork au jus that guests should inject into the burger before biting.

Photo: Zinc 101
Photo: Zinc 101


Though we assume this might make the burger buns sloppy if you let it sit, those who have tasted the latest creation — from a spot that’s becoming low-key known for their distinctive array of burgers — say the au jus makes the burger so, well, juicy, that it’ll be gone before the sog sets in.

Weighing in at 750 grams and standing about half a foot tall, the burger doesn’t even have a name yet but is served with a mini tub of mayo and their housemade “triple fried” chips. (Side note: Isn’t frying them once enough?) The bar has reached out to their fans asking them to suggest a name for the oversized sandwich. The person who suggests the best name can stop by the bar and try it for free.

Suggestions so far have included “Hungover Part IV,” “Slide that pork between my buns,” “Porknado,” “Porkies Revenge,” and “Porkaholic.” One huckster even referred to the pics as “pork-nographic.” The bar doesn’t appear to have chosen a winner yet, so if you have an idea, drop it in the comments on their post.

Photo: Zinc 101
Photo: Zinc 101

Located in Udomsuk, the low-key sports bar, which the owners say is still a “work in progress,” is slowly gaining a loyal following despite its location a bit far from the city center. Taking inspo from the American sports bar, the place is rife with big screen TVs, beers of all kinds, shots of Jack Daniels and Fireball and, of course, burgers.


Zinc 101
309 Sukhumvit 101/1 (Corner of Soi 13)
Open daily, 5pm-2am
BTS Udomsuk

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