Mystery, curiosity and surprises cooked into Karmakamet Conveyance’s ‘Expedition’

Photo: Coconuts
Photo: Coconuts

A boundary-defying fancy downtown dining room is ready to embark upon – or convey, perhaps – a new culinary journey. 

Starting tomorrow, Karmakamet Conveyance will take diners on a new adventure aimed at breaking through the traditional dining experience into something unique where shapes and form don’t matter. 

Despite the high concept, the chef of the venue, named for its intent to transport people through dining, remains fixated on one single element – taste.

All I care about is the taste, and then I cook from memories,” said chef Jutamas “Som” Theantae. “I take my time to go on expeditions in search of something, consciously or unconsciously … and I found that some certain place reminds me of some certain tastes.”

Inspired by her travels, a rock lies on each table from memorable places Chef Som has visited in past decades, from Cole Street in San Francisco to the Philippine Sea.

No physical menu nor explanation of each dish awaits. Diners may even find fun in guessing the ingredients. 

“I decided not to tell the stories [behind each dish]. Not that I don’t have stories to tell, but sometimes I just don’t want to stick with telling the stories,” Som said.

A reporter considers a leaf, and the dish beneath it. Photo: Coconuts
A reporter considers a leaf, and the dish beneath it. Photo: Coconuts Media

Her new Expedition course set off at a recent hosted sampling session with an enticing glazed cherry and richly flavored consomme that drew out a full herbal fragrance at the very first whiff. Dive into more flavors through nostalgia-evoking bites of a peanut butter biscuit topped with a spicy curry paste, succulent jet-fresh oysters and a ham half-sandwich.

Photos: Coconuts Media

A simple game recipe, though, steals the spotlight. A delicately cooked quail is served alongside rice, curry and a curry ball that may put some spice racks to the test.

Diners will get to shoot a shot of a 40-year-old moonshine dubbed Miracle Water to tickle the taste buds before the journey continues with another main course: a shiso leaf-covered Asian cuisine-inspired delight comprised of melt-in-the-mouth tender beef tongue, tofu, crabmeat dumplings and udon noodles.

Photo: Coconuts Media

The course is finished with a Chef Som signature, an addictive sea salt ice cream, which returns for this incarnation as a light-as-air crispy meringue and glassy-smooth, torched caramelized sugar sheet.

The Expedition tasting menu consists of 10 courses for THB2,490 and will be available Wednesday onward. Reservations are required.

Karmakamet Conveyance is located on Soi Sukhumvit 49 between BTS Phrom Phong and Thong Lo. It’s open 6pm to 11pm daily.

Photo: Coconuts
Photo: Coconuts Media
Photo: Coconuts Media
Photo: Coconuts Media
Photo: Coconuts Media
Photo: Coconuts Media
Photo: Coconuts Media
Photo: Coconuts Media

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