Here’s your game plan for Bangkok’s newest buffet hot spot

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Hotel buffets are a Bangkok institution, one that often requires intense research and saving up your appetite for days. But if you know where to go, and prepare your game plan in advance, a buffet is the most rewarding dining experience in our fair city.

That’s where we come in.

Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit just introduced the King Crab and Seafood Sensation every weekend at The Atelier Restaurant and just like that, the search for the best buffet is officially over.


We took it upon ourselves to sample everything from Alaskan King Crab to Crepe Suzette (our job is so stressful) just so we could advise you on what to eat and what order to eat it in.

Trust us, it’s best to go into a buffet this delicious with a strategy.

First, resist the urge to start with a salad. Go straight for the good stuff. Alaskan King Crab Legs, a few Fin de Claire Oysters (so you can try different condiments on each one, obvi) and fresh Tiger Prawns.

Why dig straight into these seafood highlights? We simply believe you must treat your taste buds early on.

True seafood fanatics will love the Sea Snails and New Zealand Mussels with a squeeze of lemon. Crab comes in a delicious assortment of Blue Swimmer Crab and Brown Crab. The Tiger Prawns are fresh and juicy, so take a few and dip them in a generous helping of spicy seafood sauce.

Next, we’d advise a visit to the grill station.

Here it gets interesting. Although the grilled seafood is the obvious (and delicious) choice, you’ll be confronted with Grilled Lamb and succulent Grilled Chicken, among other meats.

Indulge in the Lamb Chops. They are perfectly cooked, juicy and flavorful without being too strong. Because they’re nicely seasoned, feel free to eat them sans sauce. Make it a surf and turf with some grilled Prawns and skewers of Scallops on the side. Once you’ve had a few of these bad boys, get ready to focus on fish.

For fish aficionados there is a huge variety of Atlantic Salmon. Try it smoked and seasoned or freshly grilled. It even comes in sashimi form, but we’ll get to that. Try whole Atlantic Salmon grilled in a sea salt crust; perfect on it’s own without any condiments. Take a serving of the Thai style Pla Kapong Nueng Manao, Steamed Snapper with Lime, for a kick (make that a Muay Thai kick) of chili and citrus.

Look at you, you haven’t even had any carbs yet! Nice job. But, don’t worry, we’re getting there.

To continue on the seafood theme, make your way to the Japanese sushi and sashimi table. Sample thick slices of fresh tuna, salmon and octopus sashimi. Round out your plate of Japanese delights with tamago and seaweed sushi and salmon roe maki.

Don’t forget to try the assortment of Japanese pickles. You’re starting on your first carbs of the night, and the sushi rice pairs nicely with pickled radish and daikon.

Now that you’ve had your fill of seafood, check out the other live stations: aromatic curries and tempting stir fries. The home-grown Thai favorites might not be as rare as the Alaskan King Crab, but at this level of deliciousness you won’t want to pass them up.

Order your favorite Som Tum from the live station. Try the Pu Phad Phong Karee, Yellow Curry Crab, or Talay Phad Phrik Kaeng, Seafood Stir Fried in Chili Sauce, with Jasmine Rice.

Now that you’ve conquered Thai food for the night, move on to Italian Pasta and Chinese Noodles and Stir Fries.


The Black Ink Carbonara sauce is creamy but not heavy and the spaghetti is perfectly al dente. But feel free to mix and match your noodle, sauce and ingredients until you find a winning combo.

The Chinese Stir Fries are equally customizable. Choose your sauce, level of spiciness and your meat, seafood and veggies and the excellent chefs will whip up a winning dish.

Here’s where the salad comes in. A bowl of fresh leaves, ripe cherry tomatoes and crunchy veggies goes great with pasta or stir fries and, let’s face it, eases your guilt.

Ok, now take a moment and take it all in. Have a sip of wine, take a swig of beer. But a successful buffet-eater must not rest too long. There’s a cheese station waiting, after all.

The Atelier’s cheese station is off the hook. With every type of cheese from Parmesan and Manchego to Brie and Camembert, it’s everything you could want from fermented dairy.


The finish line is approaching and you should be proud of yourself. You’re about to conquer this amazing smorgasbord of food and, if you’ve been following directions, and maintaining some semblance of portion control (we know, it’s hard), you still feel pretty damn good.

Dessert is a seductive temptress at The Atelier. Chocolate Lava Cake, Creme Brulee, Macarons, Crepe Suzette, Chocolate Cheesecake, Chocolate Mousse, Mango Cheesecake, Profiteroles. This late in the game, all bets are off. Go nuts!

Seriously, have some ice cream with nuts. It’s amazing.


Voilà! A flawless game plan for a winning feast.

Now feel free to take this handy little guide along with you The Atelier Restaurant’s King Crab and Seafood Sensation on Friday or Saturday evening from 6 pm-10:30 pm at Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit.

The buffet is priced at THB 1,599++ with a free flow of soft drinks. Upgrade to a free flow of red wine, white wine and beer for THB 1,999++. The upgrade also gets you four adults for the price of three. As if you need a reason for free flow wine!

Reserve your table by calling 02-204-4000 ext. 4161 or 4124 or book online now and you’ll also discover even more great offers from The Atelier Restaurant.

Do you have LINE? Sure you do. Add @pullmansukhumvit now and never miss a promotion or special event again.

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