G’Day Mate: Little Creatures craft beer to launch in Bangkok with an Aussie BBQ at Brewski


“Good people drink good beer” or so the saying goes. If this old Irish proverb is true, and deep down in our heart of beer-drinking hearts we know it is, then Thailand is all set to become the number one, international destination hot spot for saints as well as sinners in 2017, when iconic Australian hopsters Little Creatures launch their award-winning range of primo artisan beers at Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok’s rooftop watering hole Brewski, starting on April 5th.

The event will take the form of a classic Aussie barbie with a unique twist (you’ll have to join the event to find out!) and Brewski is the quintessential laidback location to sip a frothy cold one and introduce your taste buds to the Little Creatures range of superlative suds. Snack on Australian specialities and find out just what makes Aussie barbecues so famous.

With special deals available on all cask and bottled beers, you can kick back in the company of some of the brewery’s superstars, like the Head Brewer of Little Creatures, Hong Kong, Tom Champion who described his brewing philosophy when he spoke to Coconuts in November 2016.

Champion, who heralds from Western Australian beach town Freemantle just like Little Creatures beers, said, “Craft brewing is about the creation of truly great beer, and great beer should possess an indefinable quality that reflects the brewer’s art, its own culture and the culture of the people who drink the beer.”

Little Creatures is the brainchild of three mates, Nic, Howard and Phil who, way back in the nineties, decided to join forces and use their respective experience in marketing, hospitality and brewing to create an American Pale Ale which placed the hops at center stage. In 2000, the independently minded brewery unleashed the Little Creatures Pale Ale upon an unsuspecting public, who were more familiar with mass-produced “macro beers” than the bitter, moreish palate-pop of premium-grade hops, straight from the U.S. of A.

The dark, almost burnt amber, shade of the Pale Ale,  is a byproduct of Little Creatures’ six-week-long process, essential to developing the sweet malty base notes of the beer;  the perfect stage for the bitter and zesty aromatics of those top quality American hops to claim the limelight. Combine the bitterness of the hops with the toothsome tang of bananas, peaches and apples, and an undeniable hint of honey on the nose, and you have a technically perfect and multi award-winning beast of a beverage, which is bound to please Bangkok, a city bursting with craft beer aficionados and long term fans of the proud Aussie outfit and their dedication to the alcoholic arts.

Whether you are a knowledgeable hop-head and beer lover, or just a fan of a good time and want to sample some of Australia’s finest ales at a barbeque 30 stories above Bangkok, make sure to check out the event on Facebook and head to Brewski at Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok to get your beer on!


What: Little Creatures Launch Party

Where: Brewski, 30th floor, Raddison Blu Plaza Bangkok, 489 Sukhumvit Road (top of Sukhumvit Soi 27)

When: Wednesday, Apr. 5, 2017 from 5pm onwards.

Price: Free entry, with special promotions on Little Creatures beer all night.

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