Your Place Cafe: A place to call your own

COCONUTS HOT SPOT – About 200 meters down Sukhumvit Soi 39 on the right there’s a small soi with a number of shops starting with the word “My”—a salon called My Spa, a restaurant called My Porch and a music store named My Music.  If all these places belong to someone else why did we venture to this soi? To visit the newly opened Your Place Café, a place that we can finally say is ours (sort of).

The second floor coffee shop bears no signage or any hint at all that it’s a café except for a small chalkboard sign at ground level. Either it’s so cool that they don’t need a sign, or it’s just too new—either way it’s worth the trouble of finding for the Ferraro shake alone.

If you’re a fan of BKK Bagels then you’ll be delighted to find that Your Place acts as a distribution point for these well known bagels as well as their cream cheeses, but that’s not the only draw here, the home baked cookies deserts and pastries are both tasty and unique, using Canadian recipes and a dash Thai imagination.

The core focus is on deserts, but there is something on the menu not to be ignored: the smoked ham & cheese bagel. Have it for dinner or throw an egg on top and have it for breakfast.

Your Place is essentially the antithesis of Starbucks, it’s for people who don’t want to overpay for their coffee and who want some place to go where they won’t be seen. The no frills interior includes unfinished furniture and a counter made from two-by-fours by hand hint at this mentality, along with the minimal publicity and absence of any sort of colorful sign. It really is the kind of place you can call your own, which we guess is why they named it Your Place. It’s already a great place to hang out, and they plan on opening a small art gallery on the ground floor that will make it even better.

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