DINING DISPATCH: Maggie Choo’s, the latest venture from the man behind Iron Fairies, opens tonight

Tonight marks the soft opening of the highly anticipated Maggie Choo’s from Bangkok restaurant mogul Ashley Sutton. The restaurant-cum-gentlemen’s club is an interesting departure from themed restaurants Iron Fairies, Fat Gutz and Clouds that Sutton currently runs. Maggie Choo’s is listed under the “Adult Entertainment” category on Facebook, so we’re not entirely sure what to expect, but we do know that the underground restaurant and cabaret show is centered around the story of a Chinese lady named Maggie Choo who opens a cabaret in a secret vault.

From the Maggie Choo’s Facebook page:

“Maggie Choo’s was named after Shanghai cabaret owner who fled her hometown in 1931 following the Japanese invasion that tore the city.

Shortly after arriving in Bangkok, she found a 19th century Thai Chinese shoe box restaurant crammed into a basement 10 meters below Silom road serving authentic Thai Chinese shophouse food.

When one day, she discovered behind the walls in the corner of the restaurant an entrance that lead to a derelict 19th century East India company bank built in 1847 used for storing porcelain and spices that the British used to carry back to England for Queen Victoria, her past caught up with her and she converted the old bank into a cabaret, just like when she used to back in Shanghai.

Today the cabaret is yet to be revived again…”

Maggie Choo’s
320 Silom Road, BangrakBangkokTH
02 206 9100
Open 6pm until 2am


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