Cause Rosé is Passé: Orange wine hits Bangkok this week

Photo: Laurel Tuohy

Yesterday was the start of Orange Wine Week 2017. So, put down that played-out rosé and pick up a new kind of tipple at About Eatery, the Asoke restaurant that’s hosting the festival.

Before you ask, orange wine has nothing to do with oranges. It takes its name from its slight tangerine tint. Some people even say that it should be called golden wine.

Also, it’s not some kind of “fruit wine” Boone’s Farm throwback. Orange wine is a white wine made like a red wine, which means that, for part of the soaking process, the grapes are macerated with their skins.


Wine Crash Course:

Red wine: black grapes macerated in their skins

White wine: white grapes macerated without their skins

Rosé wine: black grapes briefly macerated with their skins

Orange wine: white grapes briefly macerated with their skins

Got it? Cool.

Orange wines aren’t new but as old as winemaking itself, according to the owners of About Eatery.

Stop into About anytime this week to try orange wines by the glass, by the bottle, or as a three-flight pairing with tapas (for meat lovers or vegans). On Friday, you can sip the night away to live music.



Orange Wine Week 2017

June 12-17, 5pm-1am

About Eatery

Sukhumvit 21 Soi 3, Ocean Tower



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