Burgers and Bangers keeps it fresh, hot and juicy

COCONUTS HOT SPOTS — Bangkok has no shortage of burger options. Be it a burger food truck, a weekend pop-up shop, or a real-deal diner, juicy patties and fluffy buns seem to lurk around every corner. Few names manage to stick around though, and even fewer actually make a burger that’s good enough to get people talking.

Not only does Burgers and Bangers manage to hold down a large contingent of burger-loving fans, they’ve also proven themselves to be one of the genuinely best burger spots in terms of food quality and freshness.

Just a year ago, this humble yet super-duper place was hidden in one of the back corners of the now-closed On Nut Market. Today, Burgers and Bangers has amassed a big enough fanbase to have opened its own permanent location in Asoke.

As the name implies, the joint specializes in burgers and bangers. For the most part though, the burgers take center stage, and there are pretty good reasons why this is so. One, the buns are freshly baked right there at the shop. Two, the patties are juicy, perfectly cooked, and full of flavor. Three, the fries that come on the side are equally heavenly.

Wonder what options you have for the succulent stuffing between those freshly-baked buns? Get seated at the bar seat overlooking the burger assembly station. There, you can gaze at the black chalkboard in front of you to find your answer. Are you a cheese person? A lamb person? Are you feeling like pork or chicken? The board will suggest accordingly.

Try the Cheese Burger (THB280), with melted cheddar and crispy bacon; the Lamb Burger (THB290), with brie and caramelized onion; the Cheese Stuffed Chicken (THB240), featuring a breaded chicken patty stuffed with mozzarella; or the Blue Pork & Apple (THB270), a pork and caramelized apple patty topped with blue cheese.

Each pairing is well thought out and executed. Since I can only finish one burger in a visit, it means I will have to visit many more times in order to try ‘em all.

Put to trial during this visit, however, is the one and only Burgers and Bangers’ Signature (THB 290), combining a classic thick and succulent beef patty with crispy onion rings, smoky bacon strips, tomato, lettuce and béarnaise sauce.

I have to say I am delighted by the bun, which tastes fresh from the oven, artisanal, and best of all, very fluffy. I love the béarnaise which adds acidity to the beefy patty. I adore the pinkish middle of the meat that holds just enough juice without being under- or overcooked. It’s a simple combination of the usual ingredients, but it’s all so fresh and delicious that this will not be just another burger that you eat and forget.

Partially eclipsed by the awesomeness of the burgers are the bangers, which, to be fair, are not bad either. The sausage is plump and satisfactorily spiced — a little too peppery for my liking, but indeed a high-quality piece of charcuterie. The mash on which these bangers sit is also an attention catcher. I might even try to get this side option for my burger next time, that’s how delicious it is.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning the mastermind behind all of this awesomeness — Chef Poupee. She has worked in the prestigious kitchen of a big Michelin-starred chef but these days, it’s burgers all the way. She applies the meticulous kitchen techniques she learned in fancier kitchens to perfect the simple comfort food served at Burgers and Bangers. Chef Poupee always keeps up with the trends of this vibrant city and uses them to creates food items that wow the crowd. For example, she recently released a batch of rainbow buns to celebrate Pride Month, and my oh my, did she impress the crowd!


Burgers and Bangers

Hours: Monday – Saturday, 2:30pm – 11pm; Sunday, 12pm – 8:30pm

Between Sukhumvist soi 18 and soi 20

BTS Asoke

Tel: 097 283 4598




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