Fatty’s Bar & Diner’s ‘Bloody Beast’ has four shots, a burger, a hot dog, and a beer

Photos: Fatty’s Bar & Diner/Facebook
Photos: Fatty’s Bar & Diner/Facebook

When we saw photos of this insane take on a traditional Bloody Mary, we couldn’t look away. It had a long wiener sticking out of it, a mini burger, and…was that a marshmallow?

Photo: Fatty's Bar & Diner/Facebook
Photo: Fatty’s Bar & Diner/Facebook

Coconuts reached out to the owners of American-style Fatty’s Bar & Diner to find out more about this drink, dubbed the Bloody Beast, which we consider the perfect order to piss off friends who say they just want to ‘meet for a quick one.’

Co-owner Kae Maeboonruan said they’d been planning to add the big bastard of a drink to their menu for an entire year, but it only came to life after the recently acquisition of the correct, massive hurricane glass to hold it.

Photo: Fatty's Bar & Diner/Facebook
Photo: Fatty’s Bar & Diner/FB

She said, “It’s a traditional, Wisconsin-style Bloody with loads of garnish. There is a hot dog in there. The white thing is raw cheese curds. We tried to fit all the Fatty’s goodies in there. The booze is about four shots of vodka.”

Photo: Fatty's Bar & Diner/Facebook
Photo: Fatty’s Bar & Diner/FB

Rounding out the “garnish” on this crazy Mary — which contains more food than most people eat in a sitting and is served with a beer —  are pickles, celery, a mini burger, onion rings, olives, jalapeno poppers, carrot, grilled shrimp, chicken wings, sausage, and, of course, bacon.

This means you can try many of the delights on Fatty’s menu, which is heavy on burgers, poutine, and hot dogs, in a single glass for THB699.

Photo: Fatty's Bar & Diner/Facebook
Photo: Fatty’s Bar & Diner/FB

When asked if the drink is meant for two, Kae went on to say, “You can share it or drink it by yourself, it depends on how badass you are. It’s like the whole meal in a glass.”

Matt Fischer, the Wisconsin-bred faction of the ownership, chimed in to say that, since acquiring the giant glasses, they’ve become fascinated with other “insane drinks,” including an unnecessarily large green cocktail called the Incredible Hulk.

Photo: Fatty's Bar & Diner/Facebook
Photo: Fatty’s Bar & Diner/FB

He said they are “having a little too much fun with these giant glasses” and plan to introduce more huge drinks soon. We plan to be there when they do.

“But,” he qualified, “the Bloody Beast is the real killer. We just make lots of huge drinks now.”



Fatty’s Bar & Diner
598/66 Asoke-Dindaeng Rd.
Open daily (except Mondays), 11am-12am
MRT: Rama 9

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